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I have come up with a way of transmitting encoded messages via crackle weaving. For n characters, you need 5*N + 1 total threads, and you can generate a small textile that should be:
- Strong enough to withstand daily use
- Not obviously an encoded message
- Damn near impossible to decode without a draft
- Tedious to decode even with a draft

This one says "This is stupid"

my files are such a mess. I found the aiff for one of my fav mixes. reencoding and uploading it now.

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love to spend hours getting the transitions between tracks juuust right

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miss making mixtapes, I should get back into that.

(…also I should find my old mixtapes and make them accessible again)

@neauoire Molly Nilsson's "1995" is great – I found it via your plan9 page. I like the idea of linking thematically appropriate music on wiki page :moar:

last night I experimented with graphing the links between notes on my site. think I accidentally made a map of Australia

I kindda wish USB was never created, that all data transfer was done through audio cables and headphone jacks..

syntactic sugar:

a centre-embedded synopsis of the children's rhyme, "There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly"

(every couple of years I remember about centre embedding and go hunting for this link)

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"Frighteningly, linguists linguists linguists sent examined are highly contagious."

"Good design is aesthetic"

– ░▒▓ DIETER R▲MS ▓▒░

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