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I've updated my dictionary. It now features a collapsible menu, 100 Rabbits theme support, the alternate linja pona glyph font, buttons to toggle glyphs, words and definition on or off, and various other improvements.

Try it here:

starting to regret leaving my copy of the toki pona book behind when I moved continent a few years ago

"I contend that text-based websites should not exceed in size the major works of Russian literature."

– Maciej Cegłowski, quoted here:

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in the meantime I’ve been evolving some kind of wiki/zettelkasten-like system for my private notes, and it’s liberating.

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my current site is a hacky jekyll mess with a hierarchy that only complicates things. absolutely awful to maintain it, so of course I never do.

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woke up at ~5am and apparently spent hours thinking about a wiki design

Can't stop thinking about the Mozilla layoffs and what it means for the web. Andreas Gal's "Chrome won" post from 2017 comes to mind:

When it comes down to it, browsers are about people using it, especially if you're trying to build your own rendering engine and maintain compatibility with websites. You can't build your own engine and have single-digit market share, or you wind up in a compatibility death spiral (see: Opera, Edge).

when your standard is so complex that it requires teams of hundreds or thousands of engineers to implement it properly... that is bad

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I wonder what % of my work time is spent naming things

class ImmeasurableTime
def self.strptime(*_args)

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we've got Date, we've got Time, we've got DateTime, we've even got ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone. hell I might join the party and write my own time class

and from the Time docs: "When Bignum or Rational is used … Time works slower as when integer is used."


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choice quote from Ruby's DateTime docs: "If you also have to deal with timezones then best of luck"

is plan9 heavy on mouse usage? (or maybe that's an acme thing?) would it work well with a trackpad?

that's been on my to-do list for only about 20 years

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