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Hello from Melbourne. I'm Liam, a software developer and occasional musicmaker / artist / conlanger.

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omg ok this is wild, the Serial Experiments Lain IP has just been put under an open license, meaning anyone can use it for indie work, nonprofit or commercial!

it only applies to creators based in japan but still, afaik this is basically unprecedented in uhh all of media?

trying out – has anyone here used it?

"Worlding is the art of devising a World: by choosing its dysfunctional present, maintaining its habitable past, aiming at its transformative future, and ultimately, letting it outlive your authorial control."

I love this open-source typeface made by *squints* the US government??

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i just put up a huge pdf i compiled in 2016, a 450+ page reader of whitepapers and articles related to radiation breeding in plants! it was for a project that didn't end up working, so i'm hoping my research can be useful to others in the field, or just plain interesting sunday reading -- pdf here:

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Oh my goodness I've just learned a thing about The Matrix that causes it to make a lot more sense: In the original script the humans were used as neural network compute clusters by the Machines and as a crucial component of The Matrix itself.

Which is why humans who were aware of the simulation could control aspects of The Matrix - their minds were part of its foundation.

Unfortunately the test audiences had trouble understanding this concept so the studio changed the human role to "batteries".

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Hey y'all - def boost this for my #webdev / #dev / #coding peeps: is an EXCELLENT site a friend showed me with straightforward practices on designing software for people + humans.

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this is the true origins of "real cyberpunk" aesthetics

messed up the alt text on the first image – that's not a wormhole, it's warping to a stargate. of course

this book looks incredible: "Building Git is a deep dive into the internals of the Git version control system. By rebuilding it in a high-level programming language, we explore the computer science behind this widely used tool."

since I linked to Notable recently, I should mention there's an outstanding bug that can result in data loss. :sadlinux: they're working on it.

I'm liking Notable, a Markdown-based note-taking app. It strikes a good balance for me: it provides a GUI with useful features, and yet it's simply an interface to a directory of text files that can be tracked in Git.

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"At the core of these books is the idea that people should design for themselves their own houses, streets, and communities…"

bought something I’ve had my eye on for years, a classic architecture book

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