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accidentally discovered this in emails from Bandcamp:

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"Non-fungible tokens are used to create verifiable digital scarcity"

ok but y tho

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a Facebook-branded set of VR goggles strapped to an emaciated human face—forever." wired.com/story/billionaires-u

2011: it runs doom
2021: it scrolls doom

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Normal languages: "The words for 'best effort' and 'neglect' should probably be distinct"
Irish: "Hold my mushrooms"

finally doing it:

alias igt=git
alias gti=git

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This Oglaf comic is approximately the opposite of that "cat lawyer" video. SFW but has cusses

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Adam Neely about why perfect pitch isn't all that awesome: youtu.be/QRaACa1Mrd4

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This is interesting. As fast as light is, it's rather slow when you take into account the vastness of space.

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Please help me survive, I beg of you now more than ever: 

I'm unemployed, disabled, chronically ill and high-risk for covid.

I'm also depressed and with burnout after years of activism and working for free in hope I'd get a job sometime. Multiple Sclerosis has given me the worst fatigue ever, on top of that. :<

My partner just got lay-off for the second time in this pandemic and my grandma has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

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