Toki Pona, Ithkuil, and how Irish gets by without words for yes and no

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that Helene Hauff album is stuck in my head, especially 'Sworn to Secrecy Part I'

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Toki Puna sounds like an adventure.

Ithkuil's concept is amazing - thank you for sharing this.

On the point of brevity in Irish, you're correct that there are no yes or no words, but most Gaeilgeoirs today do answer with "Sea" for "yes" (a corruption of "yeah" or "ja"). It's a pity because the language is more interesting without that quirk of modernisation.

But there are abundant words for landscape - over 30 words for hills and over 40 for different types of field.

@ephemeral thanks, I'd forgotten about 'sea'! I'll add a note about that.

@slisne aye, it's a bit of a strange one. It's not taught in formal Irish, or spoken by older generations, but would be used by younger Irish speakers, just as a lot of English words pop up in speech. But then language is always evolving.

You pointed out one of the most interesting things though - how not using yes and no converted from Irish to English. It's still common to hear people answer "it is" or "he will" etc. to questions. I love that bit of reverse colonisation.

@slisne something else you reminded me of: in Iceland there is apparently no word for "please". I was told this by an Icelandic teenager. When I asked him why not, he just said "what do you need it for?"

I've thought about that a lot since.

@ephemeral hah, I wasn't aware of that Icelandic one! food for thought indeed.

that's interesting to hear about how sea is used. I grew up with Irish in school but sadly never visited the gaeltacht, so my experience of the language is mostly formal.

I love that Irish-English aspect too - I think I still say things like "it is yeah" even after moving to Australia :)

@slisne haha, a phrase I love.

I'm not Gaeilgeoir either but I have friends who are and spend time in the Gaeltacht. I'm always surprised when I hear young people chatting and words like "texting" pop up mid sentence. I think they think my sputtering, formal Irish is stuffy.

@slisne I've tried picking up Toki Pona many times over the years. I really would like to just commit to it and learn it. Maybe I'll pick it up again..

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