This trove of old mixes got me listening to Western Lore again, a modern jungle label chasing the sound of dusty rave tapes.

@slisne oh, this is great! Includes Dance Planet tapes from the Cornwall Coliseum near where I grew up. Thanks for sharing the link!

@slisne dang I need to get my NAS set up. I want this so bad lol

Oh wow. That set of Rezerection tapes means I can finally be as cool as the other kids at school who (said they) got to go to Ingliston :)

Never mind, this stuff should be in the National Library of #Scotland.

@slisne thank you so much, currently listening to DJ Hype playing Raw Dope Posse.

Feel like I'm 16 again, cheers!

Dope! I have been getting into early techno and rave music over the last few years. Thanks for sharing.

full of google and soundcloud tracking, but perhaps worth it; oldskool hardcore and jungle 

oh wow that is very nice, thanks for pointing it out. 👍️ also has a load of tapes from back then, perhaps it's relevant to y'alls interests :) (but it's hosted on blogspot and soundcloud, so...)

@slisne I know I'm probably dreaming but is there any relatively easy way to grab them all at once?

@skquinn There's probably a way but I've just been listening in browser for now, starting with the Fantazia collection.

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