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Hey there! I'm Somnius, a white tiger living in SF. I code websites, play indie & rhythm games, love all kinds of music, and turned vegan in the middle of this year.

Things I advocate for: furries, non-monogamy, sex positivity, gender identity, LGBT+ rights, democratic socialism.

All of you here inspire me so much with the amazing things you create. I have so much to learn!

I've been getting back into guitar, and one of the songs I've learned is "Ravens", on ⁦‪@azu's album "We Were Once Called Spring". I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed playing it! :D

My version of Ravens:

Download Azu's album:

Good morning, all! It's a ☁️ day in the Bay Area today.

Dang, I've been getting a ton of mileage out of my scooter too! Been certainly putting this guy to work. (I named the scooter REVOLUTION because, uh, the wheels revolve. Really fast. Really imaginative, I know.)

Nice, removed about 171GB worth of super old remote attachments for the instance, so hopefully this should help our S3 costs significantly >w>

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It looks like the Merveilles meetup in Berlin will be sunday afternoon.
:merveilles: Financials, November 2019 Financials, November 2019 Financials, November 2019 Financials, November 2019 

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Oh snap, with the recent influx of invites, we now have 300 total users, with 262 active ones, on Merveilles! Welcome to all you lovely new people :3

It's funny, I think some bots who submit invite requests here think that the big text field for "why do you want to join" is a password field. I keep getting garbled text results in their applications, it's silly!

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I'm also selling the originals if anyone is interested.

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affinity suite (mac/windows) is 30% off for black friday. around $48 CAD each, once off, for the best design tools around.

Nothing to show just yet, but I got NextJS set up with TypeScript, Emotion, and ESLint! Started some basic styling but I haven’t gotten to the big stuff just yet. Will continue working on this later in the week!

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Weekend goals: going to finally get started on my own personal wiki. Already got a repo set up:

So there’s a little bit of tie-in with the tooling at my current job, I’m going to give a try. We’ll see how it goes, and we’ll see what exactly I’ll be using this to record!

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