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Hey there! I'm Somnius, a white tiger living in SF. I code websites, play indie & rhythm games, love all kinds of music, and turned vegan in the middle of this year.

Things I advocate for: furries, non-monogamy, sex positivity, gender identity, LGBT+ rights, democratic socialism.

All of you here inspire me so much with the amazing things you create. I have so much to learn!

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Welcome to the Fediverse and happy birthday to my lovely fiancé @DangerCat! 🐱🎉

Work on the sigil is progressing! Made a few adjustments and added a couple more symbols. Two more left to go.

I'll explain what all those symbols are and what this means to me once I'm all done. :3

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hello it's your friendly neighborhood admin here

here's how to deal with Bad Shit you find on the fediverse:

1. Report it (via the report feature)
2. Mute/Block the person/instance yourself
3. Let others know about what's wrong

Aaaaa glad to see you on the fediverse, @JuLaLo! 🎉

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Oh whoops, hashtags don't work in CWs, I had no idea!

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A friend of mine just released this amazing checklist of resources to improve privacy, and security.

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shared a (very) wip preview of the luxeengine progress over 2018. The dev log behind it all is WIP still but I'm happy with progress.

There's a lot to post about :o last dev log was a while ago.

( more details at )

I'm making a sigil that represents myself, using symbols that represent the 9 characters that stand in for different parts of me. Got 4 down, have 5 more to go!

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