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Hey there! I'm Somnius, a white tiger living in SF. I code websites, play indie & rhythm games, love all kinds of music, and turned vegan in the middle of this year.

Things I advocate for: furries, non-monogamy, sex positivity, gender identity, LGBT+ rights, democratic socialism.

All of you here inspire me so much with the amazing things you create. I have so much to learn!

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respect and love to all of the good internet community moderators out there.

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Chisai is now available for everyone! 🔥

It's a microsite generator, editable and hosted on github. Everything is pre-configured and it's easy to customize the content. :cooldog:

Guide/How to:

Oh dear, looks like a bunch of errors were happening after the reboot. Sorry about that!

Next time I'll make sure to restart all processes on reboot to make sure this doesn't happen again—and only reboot when I need to.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

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Hey Merveilles folks! I'm going to be rebooting the instance since I haven't in a while after upgrading. Should be just a few seconds of an outage.

See you all in just a bit! Thanks :D

Just set up a cronjob to automatically delete remote assets more than 7 days old on this instance!

Feels silly, "cron" was just a thing I knew about and was kind of scared to set it up because of the effort it takes to learn something new. Turns out it was super easy to run a daily process! Financials, January 2021 

Hey all, hope you've had a great start to the year! I have a couple pending tasks for this month:

1. Run an instance-only survey about migrating to Hometown
2. Add documentation for how to invite new folks
3. Add new moderators to our documentation & about page

We recently changed our guidelines for inviting new folks, so I'll be adding a pull request for that soon. Thanks, and stay safe! :merveilles:

Show thread Financials, January 2021 

Patreon: $88.98
OpenCollective: $2.43
Liberapay: $0
Ko-Fi: $11.97

Total: $103.38

DigitalOcean: $53.00
Stripe Fees: $0.02

Total: $53.02

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over

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Our Webring now has its own unique search engine that crawls the ring's websites, and it's simply amazing. Lieu was built by @cblgh


Mastodon admins: has anyone else been seeing a ton of 500 errors coming from I'm seeing a ton of dead jobs in Sidekiq related to this, and I'm trying to debug why some users can't upload media on my instance

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money, help 

Hey. I'm still in a difficult financial situation. I lost my job a month ago and the disability services did not process my file for financial aid. Here's my ko-fi if you wish to help. Thank you.

Merveilles meta, more admins! 

Hey all! I haven't announced this just yet, but I'd like to make it official:

Thanks so much to @oppen and @flip for volunteering to be instance admins! They have joined @neauoire and I to help keep the instance running smoothly. I'll be updating our docs later today to mention them.

Cheers, and I hope you all are having a great day so far!

Test video upload. This is how rainy it was a few days ago!

Okay, I restarted all the processes and it looks like Sidekiq isn't reporting any further DO connectivity errors. Please let me know if you all see anything!

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Hey all! You might be seeing some glitchiness on the instance today: looks like we are having some connectivity errors with our host, DigitalOcean. I'm taking a look and should have an update in a little bit! Financials, December 2020 

Small thing: the Patreon income is a bit inflated this month because the October-November report only included October's income! If you're curious, we received $90.15 for November and $90.60 for December via Patreon.

Show thread Financials, December 2020 

It's been… quite the year. In spite of that, Merveilles has been a wonderful refuge from the horrors of the world.

A huge thank you to everyone on the instance, donor or no, for continuing to make this space the best corner on the internet.

If you have anything you'd like to see me focus on this year, or have any feedback for how things are being run, please let me know!

Show thread Financials, December 2020 

Patreon: $180.75
OpenCollective: $50.11
Liberapay: $0
Ko-Fi: $28.20

Total: $259.06

DigitalOcean: $53.00

Total: $53.00

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over

I miss listening to more intense electronic music—anyone got any good gabber/hardcore they've been listening to lately? :3

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