Some ideas I'm bouncing around to make this an even cooler space:

1. Create a better way for reccuring payments, such as Patreon, LiberaPay, or Open Collective
2. Have our own Matrix server for decentralized chat
3. Upgrade the instance to 2.7.0 to have the latest features

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For number 3, I'll keep you all updated on what the schedule for this will be! I'll give at least a week's notice in advance and schedule a specific time to upgrade so that you all are fully aware of when that will happen.

I'm a little worried about what the upgrade process will be like—I have a feeling I'm going to be using a lot of obscure git commands to get that working. If anyone has any upgrade guides, I'd love to see them! meta 

@somnius Thanks for the breakdown!

I think it would be very cool to have a setup where the cost per user on the instance is shown somewhere on a dashboard - not sure if any of the payment systems work for that.

Might be fun to show how the more we pitch in the cheaper it is for everyone. meta 

@dualhammers Interesting idea, and while it might encourage people to pay for it, that also might result in a guilt trip for people that can't chip in as much.

I changed my mind on enforcing a paywall for the instance because it would super suck if a really great person who's strapped for cash couldn't pay to join, so letting people join for free and saying "here's how much you are costing me" or "here's how much others are paying" feels kinda weird. meta 

@dualhammers That being said, showing off how we can work together to do cool things is definitely powerful! Perhaps there's another way to show this :3

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