Hey all! We now have one bridged room set up on Riot/Matrix which is located here:!SrgLNaeWLZEjnOyug

Thanks for your patience while I've configured this! After listening to a lot of useful feedback, having just one bridged additional room seemed to be the best way to go.

You can join the room by clicking the link. I hope to see you there! :D

For people looking for a better room link, you can also find the room at!

@somnius I have Riot on Desktop, and I'd like to join the room. But somehow, I can't figure out how to. Except if I login in the browser first, I guess, but I want to avoid that. Anyone knows how?

@xuv Weird! I'm unsure how the Riot desktop app works, but I did set the privacy settings for the room so that guests (logged-out users) are not allowed, you have to at least be a logged-in user to join the room. I think as long as you log in, even if it's on the desktop app, you should be okay!

@somnius Yeah. Saw that. I do have a login. I'm logged in on the Desktop app. I just try to avoid login in the browser. Also, I tried to search for the room, but I don't know its name. And maybe you've set it up so that it's unsearchable.

@xuv It's not listed on the server, correct. You can also find it at though!

@somnius Thx. That's exactly what I needed. the Riot desktop client does not understand those full Matricx URLs for some reason.

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