Hey all! I just launched a Patreon page for the Merveilles instance. I'm hoping to get enough funds to keep the instance going on its own, if possible. Feel free to become a patron if you like, any contribution you can make is much appreciated!

@somnius Well I would like to pay by bank transfer cuz I neither own PayPal or a debit card :/ would that be possible?

@nihiltarian Hmm, bank transfer might be difficult to do and might not be worth it because of the fees involved. I think ko-fi might have a few more options since they use Stripe as their payment processor. Would that work instead? :3

@somnius Ahh, I'll take a look for Stripe, sure! But what about Liberapay or something else? I think they even provide some services I can use without the need to create an account for a closed down/proprietary company :)

@nihiltarian I can look into also starting up a Liberapay! It looks like that can do bank transfers in the EU, but it's the only service that does that, interesting. I'll keep you updated!

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