Follow Financials, June 2019 

Total Donations for Month
$30.61 via Patreon

Infrastructure Costs
Amazon S3: $14.79
DigitalOcean: $34.59

Total: $49.38

Donations to Date

Infrastructure Costs to Date

Money left over
$91.83 Financials, June 2019 

Thanks very much to everyone who donated on the Patreon! It's much appreciated. I'm still sorting out other options for payments, but it's still much appreciated :3

It does look like the S3 usage is ticking up, though, so I'm going to be keeping an eye on that moving forward.

The uptick in DigitalOcean costs was from transferring the server over to a new account—my own mistake! I didn't remove the previous droplet for the rest of the month.

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@somnius If the s3 buckets start to get too pricey, take a look at I use them instead of s3, and have really enjoyed them. They tend to be a bit faster, they are cheaper, and they share the same api, so mounting it is exactly the same as an s3 bucket. Financials, June 2019 

@ckipp I think I might do just that! I was initially kind of hesitant after seeing how many times Wasabi went down, but that may be a great option in the future.

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