Our instance officially has over 200 registered users! Not bad for only being around for a few months :D

@floatvoid Indeed! Even with the restrictions we've got a sizeable number of people here :3

@somnius Great! I was wondering: do you have a target number, or just grow indefinitely?

@raelzero No target number or anything, nope! It's just fun to see how things change over time :3

@somnius Noice! Thanks again for doing this, BTW. Really appreciate this space being the way it is :)

@raelzero @somnius Hey. Same. Thank you for your hard work and maintaining this instance.

I had the same question about the vision for Not that I want to turn this into a private club. But after reading I tend to agree that maintaining "small" instances might be a good thing. Passing a certain size, the fun might become a burden.

Do you mind sharing your thoughts on this?

@xuv @raelzero This article is really interesting, thanks for sharing!

The author is doing a lot of things that are way beyond what I'm willing to do for here—video chat onboarding is a bit much, for example, heh. Since this is a community centered around similar creative goals and not just a group of friends, it needs to be handled differently.

I don't have any super definite rules or guidelines so far, I just have my own personal experiences of being an admin for other things!

@xuv @raelzero Specifically, I had some negative experiences running a group chat with friends that led me to delete that chatroom a while back, and that was mostly due to people getting in disagreements over tiny things and being shitty to each other.

I'd like to try and avoid that as much as possible here, and I think most of that is mitigated because this instance is focused on a very different subject than my former group chat.

@xuv @raelzero Helping prevent a community from becoming toxic is… very difficult. For things I've been actively doing, I've been monitoring the local timeline and paying attention to reports. Once it gets to a certain size, I'll probably need some help doing this, but I'll reach out when that time comes.

@xuv @raelzero My main concern is cost. This group is getting pretty big pretty fast and that's causing monthly server costs to tick upwards. If it gets to a breaking point, I can figure out what to do from there.

Does that help clarify things? Were there any specific questions you were wondering about? :3

@somnius @xuv I understand fully! Thanks for the explanation.

Again just out of curiosity: which part of the costs are growing? Object storage or the actual VM running Mastodon?

@raelzero @xuv It's our S3 (asset storage) costs. It was hovering around $12 per month but this past month it was up to $14, and that's going to increase over time as we add more users.

@somnius @xuv @raelzero jumping on this a bit late, but I also just read the article linked above and it got me thinking about a few things. First of all, you've been doing a great job! Is there anyone else besides you that currently has access to the server and such? Seeing that we are getting up there in number, I'd hate to have something happen and you being alone in having to try and take care of it. Is there another person able and that has access to everything?

@ckipp @xuv @raelzero That last bit is something I'm still working on! I have most things shared out in their own separate accounts, but I'm working to get at least one other person access in case something happens with me :3

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