Welcome to the fediverse, @dragoness! If you ever need any help with running things definitely let me know :D

Also, it has been a while since I went down to see you with Vang & Vulan! I remember your synth collection was pretty amazing, and seeing you talk with the other pilots at dinner that day was super cool :3

@somnius Thank you! ^__^ I do have a synth or two to my name, don’t I? ^_^ I haven’t done much music, lately, though... my eurorack is on its side under my desk; my voyager is in the closer, my virus is in Juneau... my life ran out of physical space, and me out of money.

@dragoness Sometimes other things take priority over our fun side projects, but that's just how it is sometimes—it sounds like you've been pretty busy, so that's totally reasonable!

@somnius I've decided that I'm a collector of experiences; that is, as a dragon I'm here as a human in this life to see and do all the things—I want to experience all that humankind has to offer. Being a specialist and limiting myself to only one thing or set of things is against my nature.

@somnius It does mean, however, that I wouldn't be satisfied being the world expert in any one thing, and things such as art and music—things which take time and dedication—tend to slip. My third book has passed my tentative release date, for example, and I haven't been to sword class in weeks.

@somnius Further, being an airline pilot isn't what people seem to think—I'm set to make about $40k this year, and I'm based in SFO. It means that I don't have any spare cash to play around with sequencers, modular stuff, etc... I don't have enough space to set my studio back up... me and my mates live in a tiny little room all crammed together. So things that take up lots of space/setup are deprioritized.

@dragoness Oof, yeah, that's a lot. We have to deal with so many limits even when we want to do so much, but I suppose that's just how life goes.

I suppose that just makes the fun stuff that much more fun, though!

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