In what's turning out to be one of the most extra things I've decided to do lately, I'm trying out having my phone screen be only in greyscale. It's taught me a lot about how so many design elements are solely using color to convey information and that shouldn't be a thing!

@somnius For a while, this was a fairly popular technique for reducing the distractive power of smartphones. Not sure if that's your intent.

On iOS, you can use the Accessibility setting to toggle between color and greyscale using the home button.

@lrhodes That’s a small part of it! I dunno, even though it makes using some apps frustrating I'm wondering if having my screens in black and white will help with that.

I’m also using the accessibility shortcut already! It’s pretty neat to just triple-press and enable/disable that feature :D

@somnius Try using your phone with VoiceOver turned on too! It has informed my current way of designing interfaces on the web and iOS.

@rosano Y'know, I've never used that before, I should give that a try sometime!

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