Merveilles meta, local posting decision 

Also, the results have come in from the polls on local posting!

In both polls, a large majority of people have no opinion on local posting, far more than the other options. There's a significant number of people in favor of local posting with Hometown, however.

Because the number of people who are ambivalent far outweigh the number of people that have an opinion either way, I will keep us on the baseline version of Mastodon for now.


Merveilles meta, local posting decision 

Thanks so much to everyone who added their opinion and voted!

Also, apologies to those of you who were really passionate about getting local posting here. I hear you, and can definitely see the utility of that feature, but keeping things on the baseline for now should help me maintain our little space here without having to do too much extra work.

Merveilles meta, local posting decision 

@somnius A tie defaulting to "no" kind of sucks, but I understand wanting to conserve your energy for other things

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