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$72.54 via Patreon

Total: $72.54

Infrastructure Costs
Amazon S3: $39.86
DigitalOcean: $44.54

Total: $84.40

Donations to Date

Infrastructure Costs to Date

Money left over
$204.66 Financials, November 2019 

The DigitalOcean costs spiked a bit because of the memory issue we were having in the middle of the month that I didn't resolve until about a week later. However, that's all fixed now and we should see our costs go back down to the $24/month that it was before for the following month.

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It looks like S3 costs are kind of ballooning as the instance grows in size, however, and while we're not quite going over budget yet by any means, it may be worth it to see how a comparable image host costs.

It was a fantastic last month though! I hope you all are doing super well, and that you also had a lovely November. turns 1 later this month, too. I can't believe it's already been around for this long.

Cheers, and have fun! :D

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Update: I found out about the tootctl command "usage" and uh wow, this is the output:

Attachments: 181 GB (5.58 GB local)
Custom emoji: 413 MB (317 KB local)
Preview cards: 5.7 GB
Avatars: 2.81 GB (9.85 MB local)
Headers: 6.15 GB (46.5 MB local)
Backups: 7.08 MB
Imports: 0 Bytes
Settings: 190 KB

Note the vast difference between the full number of attachments and how small the number of local-only ones there are >w>

Time to remove the old remote media!

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@somnius take a look at Wasabi buckets if you are looking for a cheaper S3 alternative. They share the same interface as S3 and can be a stand in replacement. I’ve had really good experience with them and they are significantly cheaper. Financials, November 2019 

@somnius the patreon donation is really coming through ^_^

it's nice that while more user means higher cost for the instance, the patreon donation (hopefully) also grows with more users. Financials, November 2019 

@somnius what's the graph looking like between user count and instance cost? is it a linear correlation, or exponential? Financials, November 2019 

@somnius (also - thanks for spending the time to manage instance and write about how it goes, as always!) Financials, November 2019 

@changbai I should make a proper graph like this, though tbh I haven't been recording user number super diligently >.>

I do have the instance costs and donations recorded pretty well though! Financials, November 2019 

@somnius looks like recorded the user growth, and other statistics. Financials, November 2019 

@changbai Whoa, that's cool seeing the growth like that :D Financials, November 2019 

@somnius Maybe we should consider adding a permanent link to the Patreon somewhere in the web theme? New people may not be super clear how this server exists. Financials, November 2019 

@grey We do have it linked in our description on! But yeah, it's not super obvious that it's there. Making that link more obvious could definitely help! Financials, November 2019 

@somnius I did know that, but yeah, most people will probably look there once or twice unless directed. It doesn't have to be ostentatious, but some kind of cue could be helpful. Financials, November 2019 

@somnius Where can I donate to this? Would love to chip in a tiny bit for this amazing place.

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