Financials, December 2019 

$87.99 via Patreon

Total: $87.99

Infrastructure Costs
Amazon S3: $19.09
DigitalOcean: $24.68

Total: $43.77

Donations to Date

Infrastructure Costs to Date

Money left over
$248.63 Financials, December 2019 

One thing I forgot to correct last time: I got 25 cents less in Patreon donations than I reported last month, but the "Money left over" amount this month is the exact same as what's in the bank account for the instance!

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However, the instance has been around for a full year!!! Super psyched about that :D

I've also gotten the instance costs way down since I deleted the old external assets that had been around for ages. To keep costs down, I'll continue to do that each month.

Thanks a bunch to all the donors, and to all of you! I have a few things I need to work on, like opening up to more ways of donating and other smaller things. I'll keep you all posted! :merveilles:

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@somnius What, as a community, can we do to keep costs down? Is image hosting the biggest cost or is it just 'usage' by keeping in sync with the fediverse? Financials, December 2019 

@vega Actually the community isn't the main culprit for costs here! Over the past year our local instance has only 5Gb worth of assets on S3. It was costing a ton the month before because we had 181Gb of assets coming in from the rest of the fediverse. So, y'all can continue as normal! I just gotta make sure to remove old remote assets every once in a while >w>

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