Follow Financials, January 2020 

$84.59 via Patreon

Total: $84.59

Infrastructure Costs
Amazon S3: $37.42
DigitalOcean: $24.68

Total: $62.10

Donations to Date

Infrastructure Costs to Date

Money left over

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Looks like I gotta get more consistent about removing old remote assets to not drive up S3 costs, I'll be doing that shortly.

But, thanks again for the amazing help, y'all! Continue on being your lovely selves :D

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@somnius Great news! Thanks for hosting us! Financials, January 2020 

@somnius I'm curious about the S3 costs: how much data do we have stored there? And are the costs also including traffic? Financials, January 2020 

@maxdeviant After looking at our usage yesterday, I found we were storing about 70GB on S3! Most of that is from remote instances. Locally, we're only using about 9GB. Running the remove remote command helps remove assets more than 2 weeks old from remote instances, so that should greatly cut down on usage.

As for the cost, it's kinda complicated and fluctuates. > Financials, January 2020 

@maxdeviant The amount you spend on S3 depends on how much data you have stored, and how many requests are made (both uploading and downloading images).

This can greatly fluctuate depending on how many instances we federate with (those instances will download a copy of our assets to store on their own instance if a post is public), and on how active we are on here (more uploads per day means more $$ required). Financials, January 2020 

@somnius Weird question but... can we give money to someone other than Amazon? I know S3 is ubiquitous, and I don't know the space, but is there a more ethical business we could support? Financials, January 2020 

@grey I set up S3 initially just to keep things simple and to drive down costs—but there are other options available for sure. For example, we're already hosted on DigitalOcean and their Spaces look quite nice!

I'll have to investigate to see how easy it would be to migrate our assets over and how expensive it would be :3 Financials, January 2020 

@somnius If you don't mind investigating, that would be rad. Financials, January 2020 

@somnius Just wanted to ping on this. Financials, January 2020 

@grey Hey there! Got your message, I still haven't looked into this, but I'll be getting to it this weekend.

Let me create a Trello for things like this so that my progress and/or current state is clear :3 Financials, January 2020 

@somnius No worries, I was just pinging you before it fell out of my awareness sphere. 💭 Financials, January 2020 

@grey Trello board is up here!

Ooh since this affects other people here, I can use the server announcements feature to show this off to everyone~ Financials, January 2020 

@somnius Getting an error for that link? Board not found. Financials, January 2020 

@grey Hrm, odd, I've set that board to "public" and I'm able to see it in my incognito browser window! You should see this: Financials, January 2020 

@somnius Now it works? /shrug Financials, January 2020 

@grey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ yayyy computers!

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