Question for the San Francisco Bay Area / California North Bay folks in Merveilles: would you all like to do a regular meetup thing somewhere? I think it'd be fun to see the other merveilleux around here!

@somnius not in the area anymore but... some cool meetup locations:

DNA Lounge / pizza
The Interval at Long Now
James Turrell's "Three Gems" skyspace in Golden Gate Park

and, only half jokingly, The Wave Organ

@changbai @somnius Additional SF options:

Musée Méchanique!
Are we vegan? Udupi Palace!
Are we pizzatarian? Pi Bar!

But I'm willing to meet anyplace that's Clipper Card accessible as a rule of thumb

@changbai @somnius Quick update!

I don't know about you folks, but the covid 19 outbreak has kind of thrown a wrench in my social plans generally. It's nothing personal!

Meanwhile, we can at least use the hashtag to keep relevant discussion going, and who knows? Maybe soon we'll have a chance to hang out in person. 🌉


@rezmason @changbai Yeah we can table things for now, for sure. I'll keep thinking about it. @buzzert was kind enough to offer a space of his own to hang out at, so that's an option as well (if that's still cool that is!)

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