Financials, May 2020 

Patreon: $106.34
OpenCollective: $91.00
Liberapay: $69.23
Ko-Fi: $41.14

Total: $307.71

Infrastructure Costs
DigitalOcean: $53.00

Total: $53.00

Donations to Date

Infrastructure Costs to Date

Money left over

Follow Financials, May 2020 

Hot dang, you all, thank you so much for the influx of support! I'll use the money you all graciously provided to help ship out the stickers. I'm still working on sending them out since work got a bit nuts last week.

Thanks a ton again, and if there's a lot left over after those are shipped out, we're going to have to decide what to do with all this extra cash. Perhaps a donation to a charity is in order.

Stay safe, keep being rad, and keep on protesting.

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For those of you interested, I created little stacked bar graphs of our donations and costs over time! Not sure if I'll make the spreadsheet for this public just yet though. Financials, May 2020 

@somnius wow eliminating S3 was a good move, thank you based server tiger!!

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