Hey there Merveilles! You voted, and it looks like an overwhelming majority (79/80) voted to send this over to help @neauoire and @rek. Thank you, that has now been sent over! :D

It looks like one person voted "no"—if you feel up to it, please get in touch with me via DMs! Whatever your reason may be, I'd like to know how I can help or if there's any way I can address the concerns you have.

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I can see several reasons for not wanting to do this—one of which being that this is the community's money, and there should either be a more formal way of deciding how that money gets spent and/or it should perhaps _only_ be spent on community-wide things like server costs, events, zines, etc. Those reasons are valid!

What do you all think? What would you like to see from this?

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@somnius since travel is restricted , it's not like we could be doing some nice in person even easily anyway :p And we can do remote first things for zero money if we wanted to plan something. As long as we keep funding the server I'm happy to see that money go to help out.

@electret Fair! There are other things that we could use the money to help run events or other things, even virtual ones :3

@somnius I didn't vote in this; but in general, it's probably a good idea to be very spare with the surplus in the case we're all generally strapped. It's good to be able to float the community for months in a drought. I suppose I'm devil's advocate-ing here.

@somnius I think the first concern that pops up is the idea of the "slippery slope of helping people". Where do we draw the line of who gets help or not in the future etc. But we're not a government that needs to keep people alive. If we want to help someone we should try to. 🤷‍♀️

Unless we have an immediate community focused idea for something that'd use those funds. I think it's fine to gift it. esp with 79 people saying yes. was that instance only?

but also +1 for maintaining some surplus.

@ciel That poll was shared on an instance-only announcement, so yup, it was instance only! :3

Everything you mentioned is good to keep in mind, yeah. The big thing to be careful of I guess is to be explicit about how these payments are decided—if we put things to a vote, how the voting works is pretty crucial.

Perhaps I can come up with rules (which can be adjusted if needed) to add to our extended info so everyone knows how that works in the future!

@somnius There's so many directions to go with this whole thing lol

@ciel @somnius You could make a policy of it. Say, anything above the cost of two quarters of operating costs goes into a general fund that can be used for emergencies or mutual aid.

Not necessarily that specific policy, but something like it. That way, everyone knows up front how donations might be used, and there's less potential friction when it's distributed.

@somnius As far as I am concerned, I am donating money directly to you, as a thank-you for continuing to be a great webmaster and administrator.

I appreciate the transparency you provide regarding the financials, but I wouldn't care if you took all the excess and threw a party for yourself. 😄

As some others have pointed out, this sets a precedent for how we treat surplus money in the future – but that's only true if we continue to view it as "community" surplus.

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