Financials, July 2020 

Patreon: $97.27
OpenCollective: $22.72
Liberapay: $64.14
Ko-Fi: $47.12

Total: $231.25

DigitalOcean: $53.00
Money for Devine & Rekka: $431.80
Stripe Fee: $0.02

Total: $484.82

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over

Follow Financials, July 2020 

Hey all! Thanks again for the folks who voted on sending some cash to Devine & Rekka. I'm still thinking up a way to standardize voting on things we should spend money on in the future so that things aren't so ad-hoc. and let me know if you all have any suggestions.

The fires are making things pretty smoky out here in SF, and I hope everyone else in the Bay Area is able to stay safe and cool. Cheers, and keep on being your wonderful selves!

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