I had a little adventure in Bootcamp for Mac this weekend—and by "adventure" I mean "a Sisyphean undertaking involving wiping and reinstalling Windows 5 times with 5 different OS versions to get my weird rig working that went nowhere after 3 days."

Hardware and software from different companies really are not encouraged to play nice with each other and I honestly think that's unfortunate. I'm able to get around this by having a separate machines, but yeesh.


To be fair I suppose I was trying to make a really weird setup work—using a bootcamped (running Windows) MacBook Pro to connect to an external GPU, which presents a host of its own problems. Even so, jeez. Having just one computer that works with everything is pretty impossible, it seems.

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@somnius I sometimes chuckle that one of the earliest implications of Turing's brilliant paper was that all universal Turing machines were perfectly equivalent in what programs they could execute. That conclusion seems so unlikely given the state of modern computing.

@somnius In their current state, eGPUs add a lot of complexity. Both macOS and Windows require very specific yet ever-changing rain dances to get to work properly once any sort of update hits.

I enjoy the extra performance I can get out of the eGPU connected to a Mac Mini, but I could not imagine wanting to deal with two different OSes on this hardware setup.

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