Hey all! Haven't posted in a little while, hope you're doing well :3

I've been reading! I've gotten through the first 3 books of the Earthsea series, re-read The Dispossessed, and next, I'm going to read Always Coming Home. All those books are by Ursula K. Le Guin, and wow I love her writing style.

@somnius Ursula K. Le Guin high fives! I’m reading The Dispossessed right now. Really enjoyed The Left Hand of Darkness; she’s really great at making worlds believable!

@syntacticsugarglider @chotrin I have a physical copy of that on my bookshelf, it's real good :3

@somnius i just started her (huge) short story collection The Unreal and the Real and i promised myself i'd get off the computer earlier at night to read more books, so your toot has prompted me to go do that! it's great so far! :)

@somnius Earthsea are some of my favorite books ever!

@somnius Will be curious what you think about Always Coming Home! It's sitting on my bookshelf but I have barely even peeked at the inside so far!

@jcmorrow it seems like a lot so far, but I'm gonna have to keep on going through :3

@somnius NICE!! ursula's prose is soooo good!!! i recently finished the earthsea chronicles - which was next in line for me, after having read most of her other early prominent works

@cblgh Fantastic! I read Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossessed ages ago, both were great. Really interesting to see her fantasy series after reading through the scifi ones

@somnius Le Guin is thoroughly adored here, I've noticed. Such clear and beautiful writing.

@whtrbt She creates very interesting worlds, so I can definitely see why! She's the first writer that exposed what anarchy could be for me with The Dispossessed, and I'm super interested to learn more

@somnius I'm reading the dispossessed right now and its my first UG book.What a amazing writing style and setup of the world. I feel like I'm dreaming and I don't quite follow everything, but this (I believe) only adds to the dreamy effect of her writing style.

@somnius I have not been reading much and this is nice to hear - going to add those to the reading list maybe for bed time.

@somnius i just ordered the Library of America edition of Always Coming Home, so excited. Have you been able to find any of the audio materials that go with the book?

@tomisme oh no I haven't, I didn't know that there was audio stuff to go along with it! :O

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