Merveilles meta, secure mode 

Hey all! After seeing numerous reports of issues interacting with our public timeline after enabling secure mode, and after taking a look, it seems like keeping it enabled is far more trouble than it's worth and doesn't actually give us that much more in terms of security.

Originally I thought enabling it would help protect us against instances we've blocked, and it kinda does, but it doesn't totally block things, just makes it more frustrating.

Merveilles meta, secure mode 

I'll be looking into this later today, I'll let you all know when it's been disabled. Here's the trello card for it where you can see more:

Thanks everyone! :3

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Merveilles meta, secure mode 

Update here: secure mode is now disabled! Folks should be able to access our public timeline without authenticating now.

Thanks for your patience!

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Merveilles meta, secure mode 

@somnius It works for me now in Toot! I'll be watching from a distance at all the cool stuff coming from your side of the internet!

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