Whoa, there are some really neat ideas here: (thanks for sharing this, @faun!)

I'm especially interested about the MID (Mediator of Individual Data) idea. The entire idea of individuals getting paid for companies to use their data through a mediating body to handle the nitty-gritty for them sounds like a much better fit for our current situation—until capitalism finally goes the way of the dinosaur, at least.

I'm curious though: what do y'all think? :3

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@somnius Jaron Lanier’s Who Owns the Future gets into this if you want some more, in book form

@somnius @faun I think it's gonna take a Herculean effort from campaigners, politicians, legislators et al before a Data Dividend becomes a reality, but I do hope we get there eventually. I've been increasingly concerned about AI and Human Obsolescence of late too. I wonder if some combination of a Data Dividend with Universal Basic Income might be a realistic way to navigate the coming economy. Ideas are the easy part. The question is: Do we have the energy, will and resources for the fight?

@ClearMask @faun Yeah this is definitely something that would necessitate a major change in laws to get working—and changes like that will take a while.

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