Been in a mood to watch Mushi-shi a whole lot lately. Not much anime takes those top slots for me, but that one is one of the best, right up with Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell.

But it's a quiet show, about coexisting and learning how to live in nature, and what it's like to live with others.

What do you think? What do you all like to watch?

@somnius it’s the perfect time of year to watch one of my favorite animes, Over the Garden Wall!

@somnius I watched that show with my ex and it always made me feel a bit melancholy.

But it's a great show.

Another show I liked back then was Polar Bear Cafe

@somnius Ooh, I love Mushi-shi. So atmospheric, mysterious, and beautiful!

@somnius Bee and Puppycat is something I could rewatch another dozen times.
more well known ones: Steven Universe (my avatar is from that, so.), Infinity Train, Over the Garden Wall, Cowboy Bebop.
also Epithet Erased, which is great and not as famous as the others and is an independent production and aaaa i love it.

@somnius Haikyuu has taught me a lot about how to live.

Mushishi's a very faithful adaptation and those sound effects when mushi appear is basically ingrained in my brain. :v

As for quiet jp media, i recommend Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Hakumei to Mikochi, though both are better in manga form

@somnius I *loved* Mushi-shi, it’s so great! Anything slow paced and full of care like that wins a good place in my heart. :)
These last few years, I really enjoyed: Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Infinity Train, Hilda, The Owl House.

@somnius ahhhhhhh i love mushi-shi so much!! it's like, calming and heartwarming and horrific and poignant and sad. The pacing and mood and sound of it are so wonderful. About 10 years ago it helped me through a difficult time. I hope it does that for you again now. <3

@somnius you're reminding me that i never finished watching that series but i loooooved it because it was so peaceful and quiet!

@somnius mushishi is my favorite show and I've held off for years on rewatching or watching season 2... Want to have those feels at the ready when I take on a certain project.

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