Nice, we're now officially on Mastodon v.3.3.0! (Though the indicator at the bottom says 3.3.2? weird!)

Anyways, enjoy all! Looks like we have a UI issue that needs adjusting with replies on the web client, but things seem to be running smoothly. Let me know if you see any issues!

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@somnius what is this upvote thing? When I click on it, the toot opens, but favoriting the toot doesn't increase the counter 🤔

@somnius oh NVM I see it's replies now. But it looks so much like upvotes ala reddit I was confused at first 🤦‍♂️

@metasyn ah yeah that's supposed to be a diamond but it's a bit cut off atm!

@somnius Thanks for taking on the pain of talking to the machine for the community :)

@somnius Woo!!! Emojis ok :tealheart: + gemini links opening on ariane :tealheart: :merveilles:

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