Financials, January 2021 

Patreon: $88.98
OpenCollective: $2.43
Liberapay: $0
Ko-Fi: $11.97

Total: $103.38

DigitalOcean: $53.00
Stripe Fees: $0.02

Total: $53.02

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over

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Hey all, hope you've had a great start to the year! I have a couple pending tasks for this month:

1. Run an instance-only survey about migrating to Hometown
2. Add documentation for how to invite new folks
3. Add new moderators to our documentation & about page

We recently changed our guidelines for inviting new folks, so I'll be adding a pull request for that soon. Thanks, and stay safe! :merveilles:

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@somnius Thanks for your hard work, this place is a huge source of daily warmth and inspiration :) Financials, January 2021 

@somnius Thank you for your hard work! Financials, January 2021 

@somnius Thanks for all your work. Absolutely loving the transparency and focus on community.

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