Hey folks! How are you all doing? :3

This tiger's been tied up between work, house hunting, and Valheim. Looking for houses in this area sure is complicated, but hopefully we get a place soonish! 🤞

Been loving how Valheim plays, it's a nice relaxing space with an eventual goal that lets you get to it however you like. It's exactly what I wanted out of this mix of Minecraft and Animal Crossing!

· · Web · 2 · 0 · 13 My fiancé and I are also on the house hunt at the moment, it's not too complicated here, but a lot of the houses on offer are a bit old (1930's industrial boom homes), so it's a lot of making sure things have been well-maintained. Hope you'll find a place you like!

Not been playing games much recently, although my sister showed me Neos VR, a social space with a fun focus on building the space through directly manipulating the loaded assets and scripts (it's possible to accidentally delete your own hands and get stuck)

Otherwise I've been building a modular synth, and I'm very much enjoying learning to use it and making little jams...

@somnius I must resist the call of Valheim, I keep reading good things about it... I'm pretty sure I'd sink countless hours into it, haha. Though maybe some multiplayer fun would do me some good.

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