Hey, Merveilles members!

A lot of you have asked about moving this instance to Hometown, so it's time to run another poll.

To help make sure people only on the instance can vote, please log into the web client on and look at the "announcements" section at the top of the page. There's a link to the poll there.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks everyone!

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@somnius biased poll due to lack of info. :-/ You’re only listing pro Hometown reasons, but dismiss the info that Hometown is lagging behind the official Mastodon releases by a lot (8 months to be precise) and that barely anyone seems to use it in first place, judging by the repo stars and activity. Same story with glitch-soc and other forks btw.

@somnius also: Local-only toots? It’s funny how people desired a decentralized alternative to a service where all data is owned by and only available on a single instance, only to then request a feature for their decentralized platform that would make all data effectively owned by and only available on a single instance. :-D

@mrus Yup, local-only posting is a contentious feature, which is why the main Mastodon fork doesn't include it at the moment. I can see the upsides and downsides to it: it seems antithetical to what Mastodon is, but it can be useful as an admin feature, or if someone has a direct question for users only on the instance.

It's why I wanted to open this up as a poll in the first place, and feedback like you're providing helps!

@mrus @somnius i kinda see what your point is but mastodon already has public, followers only, direct and unlisted for toot visibility. In a network where local timelines exist is local only not just a logical extension to those options?

I think it’s fair to not only want a service decentralised so that it’s not owned and run by a single entity, but to want some control over your experience at a personal level.

@mrus @somnius
I don't think the point of Mastodon is "everything is accessible by everyone", but rather "if I don't like my host I can leave or do it myself" and I don't see how that conflicts at all.

It's also serves a very practical purpose, for examples this very discussion would/should be happening in instance-local if we had it.

@mrus Hm, noted! I tried to format this differently from the poll I previously ran to keep it simple because other folks found it confusing when I listed out multiple options.

Since I've specifically gotten requests about Hometown by name, that's the one I wanted to focus on instead of the others.

@mrus Don't feel like you have to do this, but I'm open to hearing any suggestions you might have to format the poll in a better way!

The main point is that I'm not making this decision for the instance, I wanna do what the other folks on here want :3

@somnius I think it would have been good to include a “don’t care” option so you can differentiate stronger yes/no voices.

I personally don’t mind one way or another; I mostly use Toot! on iOS to interact with the server so my only real concern is client support.

Out of curiosity, what’s the plan if the fork stops being maintained?

@ndpi If the fork stops being maintained, it depends. Personally, my first response would be to migrate us back to default Mastodon, in whatever timeline that's feasible. I wouldn't want to keep the instance on outdated software.

If other folks feel like they could maintain the fork on their own, or have another fork they feel passionate about migrating to, I'd consider that as well!

@somnius I think i'm only interested in local-only posting. I couldn't tell, if we use hometown, does that mean these extra features are only accessible through the web interface? (i can't imagine they work by default on a iOS/android app?)

@exquisitecorp @somnius local-only posting works by adding an special instance-defined emoji to the end of your post, if i understand correctly :)

@somnius While I do not have a strong opinion myself, I voted yes. Partially because I like the idea of both local posting and custom lists, but mostly to support the people on our instance who have requested the new features :)

...and while I can see the point about Hometown being behind Mastodon in releases (this might be something worth investigating), I think adding choices for how people are able to interact with each other and the network is worth the hassle.

@somnius Hey, I voted yes, and I was among the ones interested in this when the discussion first occurred long ago.

I think Darius' vision of local posts to reinforce an instance's culture makes sense. We are invite-based, we have certain rules, it seems logical to also provide better means of discussing topics that are specific to Merveilles and to what gathered us here in the first place.

Hometown also looks very close to regular Mastodon, so the technical aspect shouldn't be a big issue.

@somnius hometown sounds neat, if you do switch I look forward to hearing how it goes. Might even migrate my instance as well

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