Hey everyone, what're you all up to?

As for me, things are kinda nuts here! Almost done closing on a house, day-job work is ramping up a lot, and I'm making my way through watching Final Fantasy XV.

I've also been playing a whole lot of Synth Riders, a VR rhythm game, for exercise. Been enjoying that quite a bit more than Beat Saber, I feel like I"m moving my body way more in that game :D

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@somnius Playing some Paradox games, feeling a bit bored since I have a lot of spare time, but I'm getting my disability allowance soon so I'll get some new gear! What VR gear do you have?

@somnius sounds like you have been busy indeed.

I have been learning to draw, looking after a 3yo going through their tantrum phase and working.

I also planted the brassicas out because the soil was warm and I thought we were past the frosts. Then there was a heavy frost and it killed the cabbages.

@joshauget Oh nice, I hadn't heard of that before, that looks real fun!

@somnius looking for jobs, getting the garden ready, trying to wring some writing time out of my days, and we're going sailing this weekend

@brisling Oh heck yes, that sounds like a good way to relax :D

Good luck on the job front too!

@somnius Thank you! After months of no success all of a sudden I'm being showered with jobs, it's wild :D

@somnius We are also trying to buy a house, and wow the housing market has gone even crazier. And this time it seems to be a national event, instead of restricted to major cities.

Good luck to you!

@jcs Cheers, thank you! And yeah the market has been so, so competitive here, it's ridiculous. Was glad to land a place in spite of that though :3

@somnius trying to put down programming for a bit. (particularly if it's outside of work)

looking into sculpting in blender.
playing bravely default 2.
studying Japanese (been increasing my lessons with a couple of teachers)

@ciel Nice!! Taking breaks is good. I've heard good things about Bravely Default 2 as well, nice :D

@somnius yeah, the girlfriend and I have both been playing through it. It’s been fun to talk strategies for bosses and such.

@somnius congrats on the house. That must be really exciting. Is it your first house or moving to a new one?

@ciel Oh yeah this'll be my first time owning a home! The process is fucky and stressful as hell, but I'm pretty excited to have a much bigger space.

Plus I'm finally moving in with my whole polycule and that feels real nice :33

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