Gosh, my life has been nothing but moving and house stuff for the past few weeks. It's exciting, but exhausting.

How are you all? You doing well? :3

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@somnius I've withdrawn from society and have become the mountain man Minx, since you last spoke to me. Not going so well I want my stuff back.

@somnius I've already moved back into my apartment, that lasted about 15 minutes

@dualhammers That's a mood. Understandable. Hopefully things get less "eh" soon!

@somnius pretty good. Tired. Went camping. Hopefully you’ll be settling down now.

@sprkwd Camping sounds real fun!! And yeah, hope to settle down soon. Always so much to do!

@somnius ive been reading heavily into taoism and doing sysadmin stuff(setting up synapse for! we now have a functional homeserver! and @rachelrosen set up the discord<>matrix bridge, and the stuff i didnt know how to ^^)

@eris @somnius "set up" is formal speak for "banged her head against the keyboard until it worked" :)

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