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Patreon: $103.16
OpenCollective: $2.56
Ko-Fi: $8.96

Total: $114.68

DigitalOcean: $53.00

Total: $53.00

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Money left over

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Looks like I hopped over a month, my bad!

Between day-job work ramping up and moving into my new house, I've been a super busy tiger.

However! The Hometown poll is still at the top of my mind, and around 70% of you who voted in the poll voted "yes". That's great!

I'll chat about this a bit more with the admins and see the work involved, but I've heard you all: seems like most of you folks are in favor of us rolling onto Hometown. I'll keep you all updated! Financials, May 2021 

Of course, please send feedback and questions about that my way, I"m very open to hearing what you all think! Financials, May 2021 

@somnius Thank you server tiger 👏👏👏

As an infrequent user & lurker at the town, I'm interested in knowing how the move would affect us who are ambivalent about Hometown's features. Do we need to change how we access the Town? Register new accounts? Financials, May 2021 

@changbai Good questions! From what I've seen, I should just have to migrate our current codebase to sit on top of the Hometown fork. There are instructions on how to do this here:

This means that there is no action required by users on You'll still log into the same place with the same account, and there will be some extra features available! Financials, May 2021 

@somnius love it 🙌

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