I spun up a VM on my home server with the help of one of my partners to make a staging server for Merveilles town! This way, I should be able to verify that Hometown will work properly with our instance database.

I'll keep you lovely folks updated on how that goes, I'll be starting on that this weekend!

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We have FreeBSD installed on a compact little server that can install as many VMs as we like, and the VM I have on it mimicks our DigitalOcean install pretty closely—though not exact, it should be a pretty good tell for how the upgrade will impact us.

Next step is to get Hometown installed on the staging server (it's been a while since I've done a fresh Masto install 👀 that'll take a bit) and then drop in a copy of our database!

@wmd The server itself is pretty spec'ed out—at least, more than enough to have multiple VMs. It has an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU, 32GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage!

Thanks :)
How much power does that use? And how much do you run on it?

@wmd Right now it's mainly used for backups and not much else—I'm not sure how much power it uses, to be frank. It's on and running when we need it, so it's on most of the day! With the server used just for backups and staging (which only I have access too) it's definitely less than the amount my work laptop uses.

I'm curious, why do you ask? :3

I'm interested in low power servers and always what people use and their experiences are. I've been using low power supermicros, but they're pricy. So not something I'd install at home on a whim.

@neauoire Yeah! Should be good to have this for future testing too.

@somnius very cool! what kind of hardware do you think would be needed to host a hometown instance the size of merveilles? Could it run on a low-spec laptop?

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