Update: we are now officially on Hometown!!

Enjoy y'all, and see some of the new features available here:

Cheers, and enjoy! 🖤 :merveilles:

@somnius Thank you and anyone else that helped for your hard work on this!

@somnius yooooooooooo thank you so much!!!!! i have been waiting for this :))


thank youu! we are very fortunate to receive your gentle and consistent care.

@somnius Is this a drop-in replacement for the official Mastodon codebase? Or do I need to adjust some things before migrating to Hometown? It looks like Homehown is still based on Mastodon 3.4.6?

@f If you've updated to 3.5.0 already I'd wait until Hometown updates to that version first. Hometown is a light fork of Mastodon's codebase that adds a few extra features!

They have a migration page on their wiki if you want to learn how to do that, all you have to do us merge in Hometown's changes, make sure assets are compiled, and then restart your Mastodon processes:

@somnius what mobile apps properly use the hometown features?

@dualhammers None have any hometown-specific features as far as I'm aware, unfortunately!

However, for local only posting, you just have to place an emoji before your toot! See the wiki for more info (other sections have info about the other features too):

@somnius @dualhammers this answered my main question about it so, great. Minor one is, does responding to something local only imply local only or, nah? Since there's no indication of a local only toot on tusky etc it'd be a potential shame to accidentally public a local thread, but I guess only the mobile poster's toots will show up that way anyhow

@maxc @dualhammers That I don't know! Would be worth testing to see if posts in a thread remain local only :3

@somnius That rules!

@darius thanks for making a great UX for all of this

@dualhammers @somnius the emoji actually works anywhere in the post, not just the beginning

@somnius Oh no! Non-marvelous townies are going to miss all the local-only content. My FOMO senses are tingling.

Seems like a cool idea, though.

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