Got a ref sheet finished for my tiger-self! Excited to have this, been meaning to commission more art and this'll be a great starting point for it :3

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@somnius you gotta make a specification for the neck port

@zvava Heh! Some friends of mine said that this looks like a 9-pin DIN port, which I had no idea was a thing but apparently it is!

@faun Thinking about it! I don't really hang out in VRChat that much but it could be fun~

@somnius How come you don't hang out there much? All I've heard from my homies is unbalanced evangelism and all I've experienced myself were glowingly lovely times with them.

@faun to be honest I've heard real good things too! It's just a new thing that I'd have to spend time familiarizing myself with and finding out which of my friends also hangs out in VRChat, so there's some effort there.

Once I do get into it I bet I'll have a great time, but even so!

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