Question: if I were to launch a public wiki, what information from me would you find most useful?

I have a lot of knowledge to share on polyamorous relationships, some stuff about kink, and some thoughts about how to run online communities.

I also have my own perspective on the furry community and other adjacent online spaces too. What do y'all think? :3

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@somnius What do YOU find it most pleasurable to share? The act of sharing is going to take effort and I would consider that aspect of it as well.

@somnius (now that work is done and I can think more)

All those things you talked about are very much my own interests as well, so I'd appreciate your perspective

@somnius I enjoy wikis that reflect the complexity and diverse facets of its writers a lot.

@somnius whatever you’re down to share I’d read, really :)! Very interested to hear about what you have to say about all you just mentioned :>!


Would definitely enjoy reading your perspectives.

@somnius Better to overshare (things you are comfortable sharing) than undershare! That said out of those I'm personally interested in polyamory and online community.

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