Hey folks, just letting you know I'm aware of all the lag happening on Merveilles with timelines, image uploading, and both receiving and sending toots between instances.

I believe I know the source of the problem, and I'm working on it today. I'll let you know when there are any updates!

Further updates here: I found that running queue-specific processes is helping a lot! Found that in this scaling doc and found a few settings to adjust when I posted in the Mastodon discord. I also enabled pgbouncer and scaled up a few of the values specified here: docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/sc

Thanks a ton to @Gargron for the help! We're not at 100% just yet, but I'll let you folks know when everything is processed.


Okay folks, we're halfway there now. The "default" queue is the only one left that has many, many items in it, the "pull" and "push" queues are completely cleared.

That queue impacts how toots are populated within timelines, posting, and uploading images, so you'll see some significant lag there for the next little bit, but it's slowly but surely getting through everything.

My current estimate is that you should see issues for another day or two. I'll keep you updated!

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All the queues are cleared up, hooray! As far as seeing toots populate on your timelines go, and sending toots to other instances, things should be pretty fast now. Please let me know if it isn't!

I am still noticing that images are taking absurdly long to upload, not sure what's going on there. However, that's a problem for tomorrow-me. Have a good one for now, folks!

@somnius nice one mate 👍 and no stress. One thing I like about this place is things moving at a more human pace haha

@somnius really appreciating these updates 🙏 thank you based tiger

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