Oh wow, just discovered this iOS app for Mastodon, it's pretty fully featured and it's free!

I'll be giving this a go and let you all know what my experience is like :3

@somnius I use it since some time (+1 year?). I still use it :)
Little bugs sometimes, but nothing really bad.

@somnius i use it! it's not bad. i prefer tootle's theming on iOS but i don't think it allows posting image alt text so i'll use metatext anytime i need that

@somnius thanks for sharing, its really nice! It places all posts to our own thread together so my feed isnt clogged and allows posting using “unlisted” unlike the official app.

@nx @somnius Metatext is one of the best! There is also Tooot that has been getting a lot of updates recently and I was just testing it and its quite fast

@somnius I can conditionally endorse Metatext. It has, for now, settled as my default Mastodon client on iOS.

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