Having a celebratory cupcake in honor of the migration going well :3

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Aww the announcement window section is so cute (even when it's unstyled)

Took a photo after the Tycho concert I went to earlier this week and it turned out pretty nice!

Getting the Mega Sg was a great choice! I've been playing lots of Genesis games ever since I got back to my parents' house and it's working out real well :D

Dang, I've been getting a ton of mileage out of my scooter too! Been certainly putting this guy to work. (I named the scooter REVOLUTION because, uh, the wheels revolve. Really fast. Really imaginative, I know.)


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Oh snap, with the recent influx of invites, we now have 300 total users, with 262 active ones, on Merveilles! Welcome to all you lovely new people :3

It’s always nice to see pronoun stickers like these at conferences, it’s super great to have that so visible :3

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