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The sigil is finally complete! Been a while since I've worked with vector programs, and it feels nice to make something personal after so long.

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Work on the sigil is progressing! Made a few adjustments and added a couple more symbols. Two more left to go.

I'll explain what all those symbols are and what this means to me once I'm all done. :3

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I'm making a sigil that represents myself, using symbols that represent the 9 characters that stand in for different parts of me. Got 4 down, have 5 more to go!

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It's just a placeholder for now—but perhaps I can make it something more. Regardless, this now links back to here!

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Oh, one more protip: you can add alt-text to your images that you post! This can help blind people get context as to what those images are. I'll add an example below.

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