I made an update to my sigil! This makes things look far more connected and put together.

Once I iterate on this enough, I might want to make a tattoo of this for myself. We'll see!

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Anthrocon 2019 

Oh hello, this is a new icon! Looks like we'll have to come up with another shape for this one. Perhaps a star or hexagon?

Been working on a Pride-related logo for the queer employee resource group I'm a part of at my company. These are intended to go on t-shirts, stickers, and other things to help people feel included at the office and at Pride events!

The Blackest Black 3.0 has just arrived!!! Testing it out already and it works quite well :3

I could get used to my fingernails being this long! They work pretty well for finger-picking. I think this is the way I'll be doing nail polish for the next little while too, I like the dots. Financials, May 2019 


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The sigil is finally complete! Been a while since I've worked with vector programs, and it feels nice to make something personal after so long.




Work on the sigil is progressing! Made a few adjustments and added a couple more symbols. Two more left to go.

I'll explain what all those symbols are and what this means to me once I'm all done. :3


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