I… whoa. I know this is all in falsetto, but I haven't heard anything that sounds so ethereal, as far as voice goes. I've had this on repeat all day.

I wonder how they decided to voice Orpheus in this way. supergiantgames.bandcamp.com/t

Been playing, honestly, way too much of this game but I've been loving everything about it. The soundtrack is pretty spectacular, too! chrischristodoulou.bandcamp.co

I've been getting back into guitar, and one of the songs I've learned is "Ravens", on ⁦‪@azu's album "We Were Once Called Spring". I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed playing it! :D

My version of Ravens: youtu.be/dhSO2zBBSlU

Download Azu's album: azuria-sky.bandcamp.com/album/

This album’s been speaking to me in several ways since I started listening to it. darksmith.bandcamp.com/album/d


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