I made an update to my sigil! This makes things look far more connected and put together.

Once I iterate on this enough, I might want to make a tattoo of this for myself. We'll see!

Been working on a Pride-related logo for the queer employee resource group I'm a part of at my company. These are intended to go on t-shirts, stickers, and other things to help people feel included at the office and at Pride events!

The sigil is finally complete! Been a while since I've worked with vector programs, and it feels nice to make something personal after so long.

One of the cool things about upgrading to 2.7.3 means we have very nice hashtag pages now. Check out the lovely work you all have been doing in ! merveilles.town/tags/theWorksh

I made a group on Riot with most of the rooms from our Slack if you want to check this out! I'm just testing to see how things go, no one has to switch over or anything, but here it is. Let me know if any of you Merveillians want an invite: matrix.to/#/+merveilles:matrix

Work on the sigil is progressing! Made a few adjustments and added a couple more symbols. Two more left to go.

I'll explain what all those symbols are and what this means to me once I'm all done. :3

I'm making a sigil that represents myself, using symbols that represent the 9 characters that stand in for different parts of me. Got 4 down, have 5 more to go!

It's just a placeholder for now—but perhaps I can make it something more. Regardless, this now links back to here! somni.us


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