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happy #FursuitFriday! asked me to invite everyone to join them for a 24 hour #fundraiser on Oct 3-4 ! It will be full of amazing stories from the field, Q&A, videos, and more! Tickets at #SnowLeopardStrong #ProtectSnowleopards #MightyTogether

@neauoire @electret @dualhammers @whtrbt Quickly fixed the button! Should be able to see the vote button now :3

@neauoire @electret @dualhammers @whtrbt uh oh!! Yup, it's invisible but it's still there. I can look at fixing it a bit later today :3

@dualhammers Oof, so many sushi places only offer one-ingredient vegan rolls like this. I've experienced the same thing!!

Places need to make more rolls that have a variety of veggie ingredeints ;n;


@glyph I appreciate this thread, thanks for bringing it up!

It's interesting, I kind of enjoyed seeing people talk about various topics here and all have an opinion on it—but seeing that same thing over and over again can definitely seem a bit bandwagon-y and insular.

Perhaps it's because I only pop in every once in a while and don't heavily post here, but that's a good perspective!

Been playing, honestly, way too much of this game but I've been loving everything about it. The soundtrack is pretty spectacular, too!

@neauoire Getting shat on for trying for making the choices you do definitely hurts, for sure. In your situation it depends on what you and the other person mean when you say "accessibility", and that's the crux of the differences there, I think.

It can mean many different things in different situations, and when it comes to software decisions like this people get pretty unreasonably heated for all sorts of reasons.

Still: you can't build one thing that's perfect for everyone. That's okay!

@neauoire It's like... if someone says they live a different way than you, and you absolutely don't live that way (esp when it comes to veganism) the person who lives the "normal" way gets kinda defensive, because just by mentioning that, the "normal" person feels like they're being shamed by not living the way you do, even though that's not what the "different" person is trying to say at all.

(one more, I think)

@neauoire However, I've experienced something like this too when it comes to how I live my life. The combination of my politics, veganism, and being polyamorous means people just won't understand some of those decisions or actively feel attacked by the mere mention of them. I tried explaining polyamory to my straight siblings and they just could not wrap their heads around it at all, to the point that conversations about that stuff got kinda heated.


@neauoire There are some things that are kind of inaccessible about some of the things you're doing, but they're very intentional.

Being vegan has a load of environmental and health benefits, but it's expensive (either in time spent making vegan food yourself or money spent buying vegan food).

Creating software for older machines allows your software to run on older hardware, but people generally might not have that older hardware any more.

Those definitely aren't bad choices to make! (contd)

@neauoire @changbai But yeah, that's why I blocked them. They explicitly allow for lolicon (they advise removing all incoming media from the instance, but I personally don't think that's enough), and that's one of the things I specifically marked as not allowed in our code of conduct.

@neauoire @changbai Oh oop I misread, apologies—thought you found something new in our public timeline!

@neauoire @changbai Ah yeah we don't block instances for lewd, but if there's lewd content depicting underage characters, that goes against our code of conduct. If an instance hosts those, I typically block them.

@changbai would you mind reporting a few of those posts so I can see what instances those are?

In case y'all see any errors when using Merveilles during that time this might be the cause! But otherwise, keep on keepin' on :3

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DigitalOcean Systems Engineering discovered a bottleneck in our networking software stack. After the update, DigitalOcean hypervisors will be better able to handle higher network loads without network disruption.

The expectation is that most users will observe no impact, though some users with a sustained high-packets-per-second or high-throughput workload will see a small number of dropped packets.


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Hey Merveilles! Got a notice from DigitalOcean:

DigitalOcean will be rolling out a global software update to improve networking performance and stability on our hypervisors during the following maintenance window:

Start: 2020-09-14 00:00 UTC

End: 2020-10-02 00:00 UTC

There should be minimal downtime for Droplets on each affected hypervisor during the rollout.


@Moon @normandy @am @solderpunk Yup, just the local posts to here iirc! I think that's how that works.

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