@FredBednarski Aw, glad you liked it so much! <3

To answer your question, I did use a plotter for this! It's one that you can put together yourself that supports AxiDraw: aliexpress.com/item/3295272530

The plotter was both used for the Merveilles logo on the outside and for the note on the inside of the letter. :D

birdsite, reality is decaying 

@syntacticsugarglider Reading this made me feel like my soul was trying to escape my body

@Pulsaare Oh no! I'll just have to do another run then sometime :3

@grey Hm—not sure what's going on there, I use Safari to access the Town all the time. I was able to access it just fine yesterday!

Just for a sanity check, have you cleared the cache, cookies, and site data for merveilles.town before trying to load it? :o

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A month ago we held a virtual concert. On the moon. In your phone. With shader livecoding. Called HYPERSCREEN.


Finally sent out the Merveilles stickers! Might take a while, but keep an eye on your mailboxes for a black envelope, for those of you who I sent them to :3

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Merveilles meta, invites, stickers 

@leo Ah yup, we sure do! I posted it here: merveilles.town/@somnius/10419

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Hey Fedifriends! :tealheart:

I'm running a short research survey on Mastodon usage for a graduation paper on alternative social networks. Your input will hopefully help me introduce new concepts to media studies in Poland.

Please fill this survey and share with your friends, especially if you know some scholars involved in this topic!


bad energy 

@rrix My biggest emotion that's pretty much been a constant (even with the shiny new Apple products) has been "computers were a mistake".

Because dear lord nothing is ever 100% made for me or works as expected and everything is broken all the time and frustrating to work with to various degrees.

If nothing else, you're absolutely not alone here. Computers are just… excessively finicky.

WWDC 2020 

@Violet Myself and a couple friends bought the latest Intel Macbook Pro in case the new hardware makes it impossible to bootcamp

That way we at least have a version that can still do that!

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