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Welcome to the Fediverse and happy birthday to my lovely fiancé @DangerCat! 🐱🎉

Work on the sigil is progressing! Made a few adjustments and added a couple more symbols. Two more left to go.

I'll explain what all those symbols are and what this means to me once I'm all done. :3

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hello it's your friendly neighborhood admin here

here's how to deal with Bad Shit you find on the fediverse:

1. Report it (via the report feature)
2. Mute/Block the person/instance yourself
3. Let others know about what's wrong

Aaaaa glad to see you on the fediverse, @JuLaLo! 🎉

@dualhammers I think Eugen (the Mastodon creator & main contributor) is working on making a hashtag page today! I saw a post of his that looked something like that, it may be something like what you're describing :3

@dualhammers Yup, I actually looked this up and hashtags in CWs don't work or come up in search! Apparently CWs are supposed to be simple plaintext warnings and nothing else, while looking through the Masto github, it was my mistake for not understanding this.

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Oh whoops, hashtags don't work in CWs, I had no idea!

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@garrett I know a few people who do, and they are powerful unstoppable wizards as far as I'm concerned

@dualhammers Update on this issue: other than taking a while to log into my account and seeing somewhat slow load times intermittently, I don't know what's going on here or if this still needs resolving! I'll keep an eye on things, however :3

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