@zvava You're totally describing one of my partners, heh. My tanuki took apart a remote light switch, hooked up its board to a series of relays and a motion sensor, and fiddled with it until he got our garage lights to automatically turn on and off when anyone in the house walked in the garage. They turn off after a short while.

Can flip a switch and make the short while longer, and can now press a button to adjust the light warmness setting too!

@esi Journey is always a great recommendation! It's beautiful and pretty short, can be played in a single sitting if you have a free evening.

@rek @jbauer @cancel Yup, increasing the limit is something we can do! But there are ways to get around it for sure, threads are one of them.

If enough people voice an interest I'll certainly consider it!

That said, communicating over a medium like this is quite different from in-person communication. Any digital communication method has its limits, even video calls—but getting to know the other folks as people and not just floating avatars in space definitely helps the empathy side of things.

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I need to step away from this place for a bit, for help with onboarding, get in touch with @somnius

@voxel @neauoire whoa what that's weird. Maybe that's a spot where our styles are missing. Could you give me more context on where you saw that, what browser you're using, and how big your browser window is so I can reproduce on my own?

Knowing if it's the "simple" (one-column) or "advanced" (multi-column) interface can help a lot too!

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Merveilles.town Financials, August 2022 

Patreon: $103.43
OpenCollective: $2.54
Ko-Fi: $32.62

Total: $138.59

DigitalOcean: $62.60
Mailgun: $1.11

Total: $63.71

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over


@tebicat What an absolute mood dear lord

Spooky computer issues are my own nightmare but wow I sure have encountered a lot of them lately

@eris @neauoire @cblgh We've made stickers but never sew-on patches to my knowledge! :o

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Jen, came in to see what incredible things the engineers and artists had come up with. Everyone was staring at a television set hooked up to a development box for the Sony Playstation. There, on the screen, against a single-color background, was a black triangle.


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Merveilles.town Financials, July 2022 

Patreon: $105.43
OpenCollective: $21.53
Ko-Fi: $8.96
Liberapay: $12.39

Total: $148.31

DigitalOcean: $62.60
Mailgun: $1.31

Total: $63.91

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over


For that last boost: we have those instances already blocked, thankfully. Ever since some rando from freeze peach extremist harassed us with racist, homophobic rants when we first put up the instance in 2018, I've made it a policy to defederate immediately when an instance goes against our guidelines.

Also somehow a post from our instance is in that screenshot at the top of that shitty website >:( we're looking into getting that removed.

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Statement on “Join The Fedi” jointhefedi.com is a website owned by known “gender critical” activist Alex Gleason. The domain name and SEO is clearly designed to appeal to individuals curious about the fediverse, and potentially take traffic from joinmastodon.org. Unfortunately, Gleason does not have the best intentions when it comes to helping the fediverse grow. Gleason formerly contributed to other fediverse projects, before being removed from doing so due both his behavior and poor code quality. This is a problematic individual, recommending problematic services.

Join The Fedi has an explicitly right-wing agenda and seems to only promote instances which either a) run the “Soapbox” front-end software created by Gleason himself or b) advertise themselves as “free speech” instances. As of right now, the site actively recommends the following instances:

In other words, Gleason is using the site to promote his own agenda rather than simply gain more users into the fediverse. This is not a site that should be recommended to new users. I would recommend using https://joinfediverse.wiki/ instead!

Thank you!

@flip @bd I don't know off hand actually! Lemme ask my partners about it :3

@bd Ooh!! We just started pickling the cucumbers we grow in our garden, with some very tasty results. I should post some pics sometime!

Open question for the fediverse: is there a Tweetbot-like app that exists for Mastodon?

I really like how Tweetbot lets me keep track of my timeline read position and syncs it between all my devices, but I'm not aware of any options like that for Mastodon.

I've been using Toot! and that works quite well, but doesn't sync my timeline positions between devices.

Just added the style updates from @drisc to the Town! Thanks for adding those, cheers :3

See the PR here: github.com/merveilles/merveill

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