I'm trying a new thing to reduce my stress: tracking fewer things.

Since 2015, I went pretty nuts tracking my location, weight, food, program usage, and it's all a little too much to keep track of. Hopefully by eliminating that requirement, I can have more time to just live!

@rek with my sweet tooth, I'd probably be eating way more of those than I'd like to admit if given the chance >w>

@james Meetups always feel pretty impersonal, though they can be fun at times. I tend to attend regular events to hang out with friends during the week and I find that way more fun :3

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Ripcord 0.4.22 released: cancel.fm/ripcord/

Too many section tabs in Preferences. Now it's a list/tree. Plus some fixes for stale Slack DMs and group DMs not reappearing in the sidebar after opening tabs for them.

Full changelog: dev.cancel.fm/changelog

@estoricru I'll definitely let you know once I find some tips!

Update: I rush-ordered some clothes to wear in place of my wet ones and they have now arrived. Now I just need a warm beverage to feel a little less frigid 🍵

I'm cold, wet, and miserable this morning. It's making me think about how I got here and what I can do to make myself feel better overall.

I think I should reduce the things that make me stressed out like this. Unsure what, but doing less overall sounds like a good place to start.

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Been going through Waiting for Horus videos, and remembering just how damn fun it was. The only reason the game isn't playable right now is that it always required someone to manually host a master server somewhere. When it dies so does the game, but...

(Waiting for Horus: igf.com/waiting-horus)

@vega Same to you! Being more present and doing more things is an admirable thing to shoot towards, that's something I'd like to do as well :3

@floatvoid You're lovely for starting these, thank you <3

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Merveilles.town Financials, December 2019 

Merveilles.town Financials, December 2019 

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