@JPEG cheers for including each of the fixes you included, that's so much more informative than just "bug fixes" :3

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4'33" nightcore remix called 3'02"

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Write yourself a Git! - Great tutorial explaining how git works.


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@drisc whoops this lovely human actually styled this page here: merveilles.town/explore

Nonetheless, fantastic work!

Just included @andirueckel's CSS updates to re-align the like/boost/reply icons! :D Thanks, yo~

@Lutrinus I'm pretty sure all of the things he's made so far have a built-in theming system that can be shared across programs! github.com/hundredrabbits/Them

For people looking for a better room link, you can also find the room at :matrix.org!

@xuv It's not listed on the matrix.org server, correct. You can also find it at :matrix.org though!

@xuv Weird! I'm unsure how the Riot desktop app works, but I did set the privacy settings for the room so that guests (logged-out users) are not allowed, you have to at least be a logged-in user to join the room. I think as long as you log in, even if it's on the desktop app, you should be okay!

Hey all! We now have one bridged room set up on Riot/Matrix which is located here: matrix.to/#/!SrgLNaeWLZEjnOyug

Thanks for your patience while I've configured this! After listening to a lot of useful feedback, having just one bridged additional room seemed to be the best way to go.

You can join the room by clicking the link. I hope to see you there! :D

@s_ol I haven't used it in a long while, but I have that keyboard at my office! It feels real nice :D

@mario_afk Oh, thanks for understanding—I think I need to rework how things are linked between Slack and Riot. I'll keep you updated!

Second update: based on some other concerns, I think I need to significantly rework how the Slack and Riot channels are linked. I'll keep you all updated on adjustments, and sorry for all the confusion!

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