@maxdeviant It's weird, a similar thing happened to me in 2014 when Ren Queenston admitted to sexual assault. I idolized them in a kind of toxic way, putting them way too far up on a pedestal because I loved the community and music that surrounded them.

I still wonder if having that happen just made me a cynic or if it actually helped me learn to avoid this behavior. All I know is, since that happened, a hole was made in me that could never be filled.

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"witch of the city hear our prayer
we are getting poorer while the rich get richer
we freeze while the planet burns
and go hungry while food is wasted
but we know that another world is possible"


A downloadable game for
Windows, macOS, and Linux

@lrhodes Bye! So glad that happened, honestly. Milo doesn't deserve to go to MFF.

seeking additional references for monday's class 

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hey ik a lot of people don't just intuitively know how to write image descriptions and alt texts so here's a resource! if anyone has any other resources re: image description and accessibility in tech feel free to add!


@neauoire @stephen I mean, we could leave our current theme as the default and have other themes for users if they so choose! For example, some people can't use dark themes with certain kinds of visual disabilities.

Making a light theme for the instance would be nice, for example, even though it would be a fair amount of work, and it could still mostly match the colors we've set here.

@rupert TunnelBear is a bit flaky but it works relatively well! :3

@dragoness Oof, yeah, that's a lot. We have to deal with so many limits even when we want to do so much, but I suppose that's just how life goes.

I suppose that just makes the fun stuff that much more fun, though!

@alexandria_ An old laptop of mine would, occasionally, completely freeze up and make the loudest, most obnoxious noise I ever heard. I think it's because the audio somehow would get stuck on the last thing it was playing and just repeat that microsecond of noise on a loop at max volume.

It was certainly an unforgettable sound!

@ckipp Again, it all depends on how much effort it is! If it's not that much and lots of users ask for it, I can definitely check it out :3

@faun Related to the subject of privacy, I actually came across this y'all the other day by Tom Scott. The way he talks about privacy here is interesting, in relation to evolving technology: youtu.be/_kBlH-DQsEg

@ckipp Hm—when adding new features I have to keep in mind how difficult they would be to maintain over time. Something like that might actually be difficult for me to maintain than it's worth, depending on how much effort it is to fork that functionality from Mastodon. It's already somewhat difficult to keep our small cosmetic changes up to date with the latest Mastodon versions, so it might not be the best idea, but I can look into it at least!

The Shkreli Post (Warning: Very Bad, Gross, Dick Mention) 


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