After a weekend of doing almost nothing besides playing Death Stranding, watching Star Trek: Voyager, and baking cookies, I think I’m ready to get back into the normal swing of things.

Hope y’all are having a great start to the week :3

@grey One question for you: does this still occur on the Mastodon-Dark theme? If it doesn’t, that means we’ll probably have to adjust our own theme!

It’s always nice to see pronoun stickers like these at conferences, it’s super great to have that so visible :3

Hey, Bay Area folks! I’ll be at Day of the Devs tomorrow if you wanna say hi :D

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This album’s been speaking to me in several ways since I started listening to it. Financials, October 2019 Financials, October 2019 Financials, October 2019 

@flip @lrhodes Most commonly-used languages have a degree of “this doesn’t really make sense”, some more than others. English is a particularly difficult one, for sure.

@flip @lrhodes What even are words

We just don’t know

My guess is that English is a fucky and extremely inconsistent language consisting largely of borrowed words from other languages and a mishmash of Greek and Latin, plus some Germanic roots as a base

Which is why “economical” means “cheap” in most situations and “political” means “relating to politics” for some dang reason, even though they use the same suffix

Merveilles meta, outage 

Merveilles meta, outage 

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@s_ol Oh, that makes sense! Glad it uploaded successfullly :D

Looks like the upper limit of video files is 40mb, according to the docs, so that was well within the limits:

But yup, keep in mind that, depending on how large the filesize is and where you’re uploading from, it can take a long time for your file to reach the datacenter in Frankfurt! Definitely keep me posted on any further issues that may arise :3

@s_ol Strange—can you send me a link to the same file? I’d like to do some testing on my own!

Also, how big was the webm?

@s_ol There are no issues that I’m aware of! What problem are you experiencing?

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