@floatvoid Shirobon is BALLER and that is amazing!! Def have to check this out :D

@neauoire @floatvoid I have the entire Blame anthology that was passed on to me by @changbai, come borrow it sometime :D

@cblgh It's such a great book! The Left Hand of Darkness is also spectacular :D

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Come on guys, let's give @JPEG some better reviews to compensate for the Gabbers trying to sabotage him:


@JPEG Fuck these assholes. You're doing fantastic work and I greatly appreciate it.

Fursuit, eye contact, silly poses 

Admin PSA, harasser affiliated instance 

Merveilles.town Financials, June 2019 

@vega Nice!!! I have a few friends who are licensed HAM operators, it seems like a pretty rad thing :3

Merveilles.town Financials, June 2019 

Merveilles.town Financials, June 2019 

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Hey! Super happy to be part of this community :)

Does this count as social media? If so, this is a first time for me.

Thought I'd start by sharing something - at least for me - inspirational. Looking forward to get to know y'all!


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Anthrocon 2019 

@drisc @neauoire It's looking real good to me! I like it a lot :D

@drisc @neauoire PR is merged in! Also updated the CSS here, lemme know how it's working out :3

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