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Somnius boosted My brand new music video is out and i couldnt be happier! Check it out and share it a friend with peculiar music tastes =)

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hi cis friends! (if you’re reading this while not being trans, that’s you!!) the dk64 stream is over but you can still replicate the experience!!! here’s how:

1. look at #TransCrowdFund here or on birdsite until you find someone with an active gofundme/ko-fi/paypal/etc. (this part should take about five seconds)
2. open the nearest window and stick your head out
3. shout “TRANS RIGHTS” into the void as you smash that donate button

it’s easy and it feels great to do!

Oh neat, looks like Mastodon got an update while I've been away at FC! I'll have to make a plan for updating it soonish :3

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Welcome to the Fediverse and happy birthday to my lovely fiancé @DangerCat! 🐱🎉

Work on the sigil is progressing! Made a few adjustments and added a couple more symbols. Two more left to go.

I'll explain what all those symbols are and what this means to me once I'm all done. :3

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hello it's your friendly neighborhood admin here

here's how to deal with Bad Shit you find on the fediverse:

1. Report it (via the report feature)
2. Mute/Block the person/instance yourself
3. Let others know about what's wrong

Aaaaa glad to see you on the fediverse, @JuLaLo! 🎉


Food, coffee 

Food, coffee 

iptables help request 

Oh whoops, hashtags don't work in CWs, I had no idea!

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A friend of mine just released this amazing checklist of resources to improve privacy, and security.

Selfie, eye contact #theCouture 

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shared a (very) wip preview of the luxeengine progress over 2018. The dev log behind it all is WIP still but I'm happy with progress.

There's a lot to post about :o last dev log was a while ago.

( more details at )

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