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Added a few more CSS fixes from @andirueckel and added a few of my own! Thanks for those. 🖤

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hello Merveilles!

I'm a computer enthusiast obsessed with Tidal & Orca, working on an album of live-coded music. My dream is to record it on the vintage cassette tape equipment I've been restoring, and send a few copies to anyone who would listen.

Thank you very much for having me here @neauoire @somnius I am excited to meet you all! Please let me know if I may be of service

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Hi there everybody, my name's Séamus, and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland with my partner and two cats. Lovely to meet you all!

My passions are mainly music, illustration, design, gamedev, tabletop role-playing, rock climbing, vegan cooking and figuring out how to live well with bipolar.

I'll be using this account to post about my creative work, blather about game design, and make notes about mental health.

One of the cool things about upgrading to 2.7.3 means we have very nice hashtag pages now. Check out the lovely work you all have been doing in !

The 500s were being thrown because I never ran some migrations that were included in version 2.7.0, whoops! Definitely a good idea to read through ALL the upgrade notes.

It looks like some of our styles are a bit borked after the upgrade though. Any assistance updating them would be much appreciated! :D

Upgrade complete! We are now on Mastodon version 2.7.3. Happy posting, y'all :3

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Where does the word Lietal comes from?

It's not a Lietal word in itself, it's a sort of strange adaptation of Lyta("word" in Lietal). Lytas, or Lietal words, is spelled like "Лытас", and so Лы turned into "lie", and тас somehow turned into "tals" — Not sure what happened there.

Oh, reminder!! I'm going to be upgrading the Merveilles instance to the latest version of Mastodon today. You may see some visual glitches and may briefly be unable to connect. I'll let you all know once I'm all done! :3

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The merveilles meetup in Tokyo will be held at the Timeout Cafe in Shibuya, on March 26th!

See you there :)

東京都渋谷区東3-16-6 リキッドルーム2F
LIQUIDROOM 2F 3-16-6, Higashi, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, Japan

Follow-up: I'm still exploring how privacy works on Riot, so keep letting me know if you're interested! However it will be a little while before I actually send out invites.

Cheers y'all :3

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