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@drisc whoops this lovely human actually styled this page here:

Nonetheless, fantastic work!

Just included @andirueckel's CSS updates to re-align the like/boost/reply icons! :D Thanks, yo~

For people looking for a better room link, you can also find the room at!

Hey all! We now have one bridged room set up on Riot/Matrix which is located here:!SrgLNaeWLZEjnOyug

Thanks for your patience while I've configured this! After listening to a lot of useful feedback, having just one bridged additional room seemed to be the best way to go.

You can join the room by clicking the link. I hope to see you there! :D

Second update: based on some other concerns, I think I need to significantly rework how the Slack and Riot channels are linked. I'll keep you all updated on adjustments, and sorry for all the confusion!

Update: I'm getting some feedback that users in Slack can't see bridged users from Riot—this is concerning because people essentially don't know who all is listening in.

I'll keep the Riot rooms up, but for now, I'm going to have rooms be invite-only. Please reach out to me if you'd like an invite! :D

Hey everyone! After a long period of tweaking and fiddling, our community on Riot is up and running!

Log into Riot/matrix and feel free to join our Merveilles community here:

Each channel has a gateway enabled, connected to our corresponding Slack channels.

I wanted to make this to give people more options in how they participate in our community.

As usual, feel free to ask me about anything if you have any concerns. :3

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Positive, retrospective 

Positive, retrospective 

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Also: it's a brand new month! I'm super sick, but expect a report on the instance expenses over the next couple days :3

Added a few more CSS fixes from @andirueckel and added a few of my own! Thanks for those. 🖤

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