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Just merged style updates for v2.9.0 from @drisc! Cheers, the single-column view should look quite nice now :3

Upgrade to v2.9.0 complete! Enjoy y'all :D

Hey all! I'm going to give upgrading to 2.9 a go. There shouldn't be much downtime (if at all) but I'll keep you updated in case anything happens!

This is all on DigitalOcean's end, so it's out of my hands. I'll keep you all updated as things progress!

Hey all! The server on DigitalOcean that the instance is on will be going under an emergency migration starting at 2019-06-13 01:30 UTC. This may result in some downtime for the instance, but it should be back up soon once the migration is completed.

Hey all! I just launched a Patreon page for the Merveilles instance. I'm hoping to get enough funds to keep the instance going on its own, if possible. Feel free to become a patron if you like, any contribution you can make is much appreciated!

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I could get used to my fingernails being this long! They work pretty well for finger-picking. I think this is the way I'll be doing nail polish for the next little while too, I like the dots. Financials, May 2019 Financials, May 2019 Financials, May 2019 

I recently got myself an acoustic guitar, with nylon strings, and I've been growing out my nails for finger-picking. It's really nice to get back into playing an instrument, even though it's been so long!

Furry convention, BLFC 

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