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Merveilles meta, re: local posting 

This poll will run for a week to get responses, and I'll boost partway as a reminder. Cheers y'all!

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Merveilles meta, re: local posting 

So, that's what I have discovered thus far. However, that reflects my perspective only. Since you lovely people are paying me to maintain this place, it's much more responsible to ask all of you how you feel before making a decision!

Knowing the positives and negatives, do you still want local-only posting? If so, how do you want that implemented? Please only vote if you are on Merveilles. I'll make a similar poll for Patreon patrons!

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Merveilles meta, re: local posting 

One last negative:

- If something happens and I have to roll back to the upstream branch, that would be amazingly messy. Old posts would be broken, and posts meant to only be shared with certain groups of people would be shared with the fediverse again.

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Merveilles meta, re: local posting 


- None of the native mobile apps seem to support those features, so you'd have to use the web client to locally post

- Both those forks, currently, have one primary maintainer each. I'm worried about what that implies if something happens to either of them

- Since these are forked from the main Mastodon repo, we would typically have to wait for upstream updates a bit longer (currently, we'd have to roll back a version which could be really messy)

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Merveilles meta, re: local posting 


- By using glitch-soc or hometown, we not only get local-only posting, but a bunch of new features as well!

- Easy to migrate to a those forks, just need to do a few git commands and rebuild assets

- Maintainers are actively working on and accept questions on those forks

- Makes our instance feel much more customized to ourselves

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Merveilles meta, re: local posting 

I've gotten several questions about if we could have local posting here, which led me to do a little bit of research to see what it would be like to add that here.

So far, from what I've seen, it might be more trouble than it's worth, from an instance management perspective. However, I'd love to get a wider amount of input on this! Let me explain a bit more of what I found out in depth:

Merveilles Meta 

Hey all! I updated our trending hashtags to only show the hashtags relevant to our instance. For example, you'll only see theStudio or theCinema show up in the "trending now" in the bottom-right.

I was trying out having more than just that, but having all that unfiltered stuff from the fediverse was a bit much!

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We gave a talk at XOXO about living and working off the grid, and trying to apply concepts of to our everyday life.

Hey there all! In honor of coming-out day, and after lots of thought over about a year, I have an announcement: I'm non-binary!

Like my bio says, he/she/they (or any pronouns) are totally fine. I'm still exploring what exactly this means for me and that may change over time, but thank you to everyone who's helped me along this journey.

Have a great rest of the day, y'all, and stay your lovely selves!

nsfw, funny trending hashtag 

Life as an instance admin sure is wild (this is not going to be added to the trending section but lmao) Financials, September 2019 

Things are really picking up since we started the Patreon, and we're definitely in the clear. Looks like the S3 costs are leveling off a bit, so that's great!

Thanks again, and keep on being your amazing selves :D

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$74.38 via Patreon

Total: $74.38

Infrastructure Costs
Amazon S3: $18.20
DigitalOcean: $24.68

Total: $42.88

Donations to Date

Infrastructure Costs to Date

Money left over

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Reposting this : if you are on the Merveilles instance and want to participate to the audio + visuals compilation, here's all you need to know

Merveilles Meta 

Success!! We are now on Mastodon 3.0.0. Hope y'all enjoy :D

Merveilles Meta 

Hey y'all! I'm about to update to 3.0.0, we may experience some errors, but this should be pretty seamless! I'll let you know when things are done :3

I also got all the new portable Apple devices, being the walking "orchard" that I am. They've been interesting to play around with.

The new iPhone reminds me of Tachikomas from Ghost in the Shell—the camera stuff and battery life increase is nice. The red ring of the new watch bothered me though, so I painted over it with black nail polish, heh.

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I haven't posted here in a little while, I realize!

Life seems to be going quite well. Work is super busy as usual, I got an electric scooter to cut down on my commute, I've been playing lots of Beat Saber and Link's Awakening. Things seem pretty great so far.

Taking a solid break from Twitter helped a bit, and now I've disabled notification badges on my phone to help curb stress when looking at my device. Here's hoping that helps!

My kitty Riker was very relaxed and sleepy this morning :3

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"witch of the city hear our prayer
we are getting poorer while the rich get richer
we freeze while the planet burns
and go hungry while food is wasted
but we know that another world is possible"

A downloadable game for
Windows, macOS, and Linux

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