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But it's weird, coming back here feels so lonely and empty. I have a lot of memories that are fun to explore, but barely anyone I know is still here any more. I've built up so much of my life so far away from home that I couldn't really think of moving back here.

There are still things that I miss, for sure. But this place will always exist to me more as a memory than an actual place I can live.

I guess this is part of what growing up feels like, in some ways!

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The school district here has also radically changed. Back when I went here in 2009, we had the largest ever class of kids graduate. We had an amazing arts program, access to IB & AP studies, and while not all of my memories of high school were super positive I overall loved the connections I made while there.

Now the school district has gone downhill. There's so little funding, and the county fired a bunch of teachers to stay within budget even after the teachers' protests.

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I used to love the library here, taking out comics & manga every once in a while. They've had some renovation work done that makes the space look both amazing and unrecognizable to my older self. I would have absolutely loved a space like that back when I was here.

The café in town has yet another new name, but still makes amazing coffee. I ran into someone who I used to go to high school with that I hadn't seen in ages and we chatted briefly. We barely recognized each other!

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I'm having a really interesting time visiting at my parents' house—there's so much I remember and there's so much that has changed.

I've moved around the US a number of times, but Fairport, NY is the place I've lived the longest. I lived here for about 8 years before moving down to NYC for my first "actual" job.

I'd forgotten so many things that were really special to me while growing up here, and it's all so different now in small ways.

Whoops, I really have to make sure the "visibility" setting is set properly, that's two DMs I've sent out that I've had to delete and re-draft >w>

Getting the Mega Sg was a great choice! I've been playing lots of Genesis games ever since I got back to my parents' house and it's working out real well :D

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Hey, I’ve finally found a bit of time to put my tracks on Bandcamp. I did a bit of mastering, and came up with quick and dirty aesthetics I still rather like. I also had fun naming the tracks using a blend of bad translations, bad search engine suggestions and heavy text glitching.

I’m glad I did it, it was a great experiment and a motivating starting point for more musical exploration in the future.

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horrible "celebrity" transphobe and instance block recommendation 

yeah, so, Gammon Linespam (glinner) has his own masto instance, much like gab did, called

block the shit outta it because he almost certainly is using it so him and his million sockpuppet account holding TERFalumps can spy on the fediverse and harass people.

So yeah, fuck 'im up

(added quotes around celebrity because fuck glinner, he's a piece of filth and doesn't deserve any accolade or measure of recognition)

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2224.10.12 - Unclaimed system, Eye of Bal

The wormhole we hoped to find at the edge of our territory is in fact a massive black hole. We cannot use it for fast travel across the galaxy, so we're stuck between our two obnoxious neighbors.

However, an ancient space station inhabited by strange aliens orbits around the Eye of Bal. They call themselves the Curators, and were eager to share their knowledge of the universe -- for a price. This will enhance our technological progress substantially.

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Seeing what's happening in the UK is making me feel pretty depressed right now. To everyone living there, I'm right with you. This sucks.

I've been getting back into guitar, and one of the songs I've learned is "Ravens", on ⁦‪@azu's album "We Were Once Called Spring". I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed playing it! :D

My version of Ravens:

Download Azu's album:

Good morning, all! It's a ☁️ day in the Bay Area today.

Dang, I've been getting a ton of mileage out of my scooter too! Been certainly putting this guy to work. (I named the scooter REVOLUTION because, uh, the wheels revolve. Really fast. Really imaginative, I know.)

Nice, removed about 171GB worth of super old remote attachments for the instance, so hopefully this should help our S3 costs significantly >w>

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It looks like the Merveilles meetup in Berlin will be sunday afternoon.
:merveilles: Financials, November 2019 

Update: I found out about the tootctl command "usage" and uh wow, this is the output:

Attachments: 181 GB (5.58 GB local)
Custom emoji: 413 MB (317 KB local)
Preview cards: 5.7 GB
Avatars: 2.81 GB (9.85 MB local)
Headers: 6.15 GB (46.5 MB local)
Backups: 7.08 MB
Imports: 0 Bytes
Settings: 190 KB

Note the vast difference between the full number of attachments and how small the number of local-only ones there are >w>

Time to remove the old remote media!

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It looks like S3 costs are kind of ballooning as the instance grows in size, however, and while we're not quite going over budget yet by any means, it may be worth it to see how a comparable image host costs.

It was a fantastic last month though! I hope you all are doing super well, and that you also had a lovely November. turns 1 later this month, too. I can't believe it's already been around for this long.

Cheers, and have fun! :D

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