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It is decided, Merveilles is hosting an interactive art jam on the first weekend of April, starting on friday evening.

I'm sure you can guess what the only rule is. See you there :maru:

Nice, looks like all the permissions are set on Spaces. Time to get rid of the S3 account >:3

Nice, looks like the rest of the missing assets were uploaded and now all we have to do is wait for the other existing images to have their permissions set.

I think I might do a short writeup over the weekend of what I had to do for this migration and some things that I learned as well—I definitely made some mistakes, but hopefully other folks can learn from them :3

Nice, and now we have our CDN enabled!!! ✨ ✨ ✨

So, with that, we're all migrated over! I still need to port over a few files from S3 and set the permissions of a few assets to be "public", but now we're pretty much all there. Once the last few scripts have ran, I'll be sure to close our S3 account.

You may still see a few broken assets, especially ones that were uploaded in the last 2 days. The scripts that I'm running should fix that!

Hey there y'all, looks like image uploads are broken for the moment. I'm doing testing on my end to make sure that works, give me just a moment!

Gonna try a thing—y'all may see some images appear as broken for a bit, but don't worry!

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!! permissions are now set for all assets on Spaces!!!

Lord, I had no idea running s3cmd (to set the visibility of all assets) and rclone (to send over all assets to the new bucket) would take so dang long. But we're real close to swapping to Spaces entirely, folks! :D

Sorry for the downtime that happened just now, y'all! This was my fault; I disabled swap memory again in the hopes that we wouldn't need it after reducing the max size of the java runtime environment used, but it turns out we did need it. Apologies!

I need to sort out a more permanent fix for how the memory on the instance gets handled. This could involve upgrading the droplet or disabling elasticsearch.

Swapped back! Looks like we're almost ready to use Spaces :333

Oop, sorry! Looks like I need to change the permissions of the files, one moment D:

Hey all, I'm going to run a quick test—you may see assets flicker for a moment, but don't worry!

lmao the rsync command to copy over assets to the new Space on DO is still running and it's been 2 days

I wonder if there's a faster way to copy those? Can rsync support multiple threads or workers all going at once? I have a brand new macbook pro so it can absolutely handle a higher CPU/RAM load

Ah well. At least there's nothing for me to deal with now.

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Ever spent 4 hours working on investigating what you think is a really terrible problem or bug at your day job, only to turn out that you just misread a graph?

I sure have. I just did. I feel like an asshole.

Having a celebratory cupcake in honor of the migration going well :3

Merveilles Server Maintenance Thread 

Nice, we are BACK everyone! I'm noticing that some lists don't have toots populated, I'll see what I can do to get those back up.

Cheers, and I'll keep you all updated on my next steps. Let me know if you see anything that's off!!

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