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The numbers here are a bit higher because this is over 2 months, not just one. Was a little late on this, thanks for your patience! :3

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August - September 2020

Patreon: $179.31
OpenCollective: $4.86
Liberapay: $0
Ko-Fi: $27.90

Total: $212.07

DigitalOcean: $106.69

Total: $106.69

Income to Date

Costs to Date

Money left over

Oh yikes I haven't shared a financial report in a few months, time to get on that 👀

I… whoa. I know this is all in falsetto, but I haven't heard anything that sounds so ethereal, as far as voice goes. I've had this on repeat all day.

I wonder how they decided to voice Orpheus in this way.


Time for some vegan blueberry pancakes! 🥞

Hey all! Haven't posted in a little while, hope you're doing well :3

I've been reading! I've gotten through the first 3 books of the Earthsea series, re-read The Dispossessed, and next, I'm going to read Always Coming Home. All those books are by Ursula K. Le Guin, and wow I love her writing style.

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@dogo @masklayer

<div id="shed">
<img name="me" src="tool.jpeg" style="filter: blur(10px)" />
<img src="tool.jpeg" />
<img src="tool.jpeg" />

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<div id="once"> told me
<img src="theworld.png" style="animation: roll 5s infinite></div>

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@somnius Yo, here's something for you (apparently the name is Carla from the Tobu Zoo in Japan)

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happy #FursuitFriday! asked me to invite everyone to join them for a 24 hour #fundraiser on Oct 3-4 ! It will be full of amazing stories from the field, Q&A, videos, and more! Tickets at #SnowLeopardStrong #ProtectSnowleopards #MightyTogether

Been playing, honestly, way too much of this game but I've been loving everything about it. The soundtrack is pretty spectacular, too!

In case y'all see any errors when using Merveilles during that time this might be the cause! But otherwise, keep on keepin' on :3

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DigitalOcean Systems Engineering discovered a bottleneck in our networking software stack. After the update, DigitalOcean hypervisors will be better able to handle higher network loads without network disruption.

The expectation is that most users will observe no impact, though some users with a sustained high-packets-per-second or high-throughput workload will see a small number of dropped packets.


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Hey Merveilles! Got a notice from DigitalOcean:

DigitalOcean will be rolling out a global software update to improve networking performance and stability on our hypervisors during the following maintenance window:

Start: 2020-09-14 00:00 UTC

End: 2020-10-02 00:00 UTC

There should be minimal downtime for Droplets on each affected hypervisor during the rollout.


To be fair I suppose I was trying to make a really weird setup work—using a bootcamped (running Windows) MacBook Pro to connect to an external GPU, which presents a host of its own problems. Even so, jeez. Having just one computer that works with everything is pretty impossible, it seems.

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I had a little adventure in Bootcamp for Mac this weekend—and by "adventure" I mean "a Sisyphean undertaking involving wiping and reinstalling Windows 5 times with 5 different OS versions to get my weird rig working that went nowhere after 3 days."

Hardware and software from different companies really are not encouraged to play nice with each other and I honestly think that's unfortunate. I'm able to get around this by having a separate machines, but yeesh.

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