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coworker: "I need to stay in the zone, put on some instrumental music"

me: *puts on Amon Tobin*

coworker: "What kind of insane carnival zone is this??"

@stephen sometimes the world is black and white, without the camera’s help.

Some days I feel pulled to experiment in Blender or Processing, but simply drawing is so much more rewarding after the fact.

Sometimes when I meditate I simply imagine drawing different ellipses in perspective.

Hold up – I can't search the local timeline for keywords? Only users and hashtags? uhhhh... :(

I was nervous because my Kindle started to be very slow! Luckily a restart seems to have fixed it.

Into book # 4 🧠

Going to Bhangra class to prepare for a friend’s wedding!

What is something that most people might think is extinct, but is actually still around?

GitHub now has unlimited private repos for free users (up to 3 collaborators per repo)

Okay, enough computer for today

up next: 📖

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