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Do you need someone to talk to for career advice, goal-setting, fulfillment, or just someone to conversationally spar with (or rubber-duck) ?

I offer free 1 on 1 video chat sessions. Feel free to send me a direct message.

I've been avoiding coffee for about 2 weeks (drinking green tea instead).

I'm about to break down and have some coffee because there is very good oat milk in the fridge that FOAMS.

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My Aunt Andria is sister to my mom and my dad, so I love her twice as much!

She's my Double Aunt Andria.

Here's a sketch of how I'm imagining it.

My idea is that each hex cell can be assigned a color, but cells which have no set color will interpolate based on their surroundings.

I started rebuilding my color theory tool this weekend. I’ve learned a lot in 2 years. Making improvements feels obvious and easy, and I can focus more on the design rather than struggling with implementation details.

writing a blog became easier when I stopped worrying about creating a perfect substrate.

I notice others fall into this trap, too. Trying to design a flexible system and burning out without ever adding any content.

Write first.

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Clarified butter in a spray can? Ghee whiz

I think I've figured out the git-lfs workflow. The biggest hurdle was figuring out how to re-write the commit history to convert all the large binaries to pointers. I ended up using a separate tool to do it since the built-in git-lfs-migrate did not seem to do the thing.

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One of the weird parts of considering physical products as a person who makes things, is that everything made is actually already "trash".

Consumers have never been asked to consider waste seriously because waste automatic and hidden. Companies are not expected to consider waste as part of the things they make.

Show without showing
What you know without knowing
Twigs snap, I catch
No canoe, only you and me
Alone on the old teal sea

Next up, figuring out the best way to deal with large images.

option 1: use git-lfs?

option 2: store images separately and sync with AWS or another cdn?

option 3: ???

( -v flag is set for now so I can understand the output )

I decided to write a simple bash script for deploying my blog, using rsync.

Until this point, I had been using a git remote which has a post-receive hook that built the contents on my vps and copied them to the appropriate directory. I changed this because I realized it's not important for my server to contain a repo with the entire history of my blog – just the build of the most recent version.

What's your preferred content structure (for a static site)? 

What's your preferred content structure (for a static site)? 

What's your preferred content structure (for a static site)? 

I found a way around this. The solution was to access the resources of an individual page's section. Now I can keep my content structure a little flatter.

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