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People request to follow me and they have:
• No profile
• No website
• One toot

…why do you think I screen my follows? 😆

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I would like to quickly describe the concept of velocity in software development

Low velocity, which is bad, is when you do things right the first time

High velocity, which is good, is when with every feature or fix you introduce new bugs

I've never fully understood the implications of the "browser-as-operating-system" shift, but it seems… bad? As though someone thought "what if web developer's problems were everyone's problems?"

I'm thinking of making the homepage a taxonomical index.

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This is actually pretty easy to reorganize. However, it's going to obliterate the existing rss feeds.

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I'm reorganizing my website to a more wiki-like structure. I hope this helps me write more, treating entries as personal notes rather than longform blog posts.

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#Demo #Music
Here's a digital drum machine emulating the sound of the TR-808 drum machine and TB-303 bass synthesister

I had no idea ES6 supported destructuring. And it supports defaults? And it can be used as a function argument? 😮

Finally redid my desk cable management so I can adjust to standing again.

Stand for a few minutes in a spot you usually walk by without noticing.

I'm going to stream Subnautica at 8pm EDT (in ~3 hrs). Come hang out and explore the depths with me!

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