Went shooting at the gardens today. Cherry blossoms in full glory 🌸

I love when functional objects double as abstract art.

Have you ever wondered why you can't set the font-size of a visited link?

Weird reason: it's a security vulnerability.

source: jameshfisher.com/2019/03/08/wh

"Turning again to the WebAIM survey, we know that over 50% of all form inputs are not labeled. This is basic stuff, things that people who have been working in the industry for any significant length of time should know. How can we expect the advanced, state-driven stuff to be built robustly if we’re all failing HTML 101?"

⚫ The WCAG failure rate for home pages was at least 97.8%.

⚫ Low contrast text was the most common detectable issue with an average of 36 instances of low contrasts text on each home pages.

⚫ One-third of all images (12.3 images per page on average) were missing alternative text.

⚫ 59% of form inputs were not properly labeled.

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@somnius Would the current deployment system for this instance allow us to preprocess stylesheets? (I'd like to refactor the custom css to be Sass).

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