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"perpetual motion machine"? You mean "unreal engine"?


I'm experimenting with color and trying to keep my brushwork loose.

“Show this less” or “do this less” is a fucking nightmare dark pattern. Don’t do it AT ALL, computer! I’m not making suggestions. Just do what I tell you.

People with compass tattoos on their backs: how do you use that if you’re lost and alone??

round brush sketching.

the round brush exercise is good practice. By limiting myself to only one brush, I can concentrate more on value, color, and composition.

I’m doing Plein Airpril this year. One painting each day of the month. Here’s the first one - a view by my window.

Finger painting in Procreate on my iPhone SE is kinda tough but I got into a sort of zen mode with it.

Maybe I’ll get a stylus.

I'm having an actual "wax-on, wax-off" moment with all the color theory I learned but never really practiced.

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