Y’all ever have spicy peanut butter? That shit is goooood.

I’m trying to play with value and combining shapes. This was done quickly with 3 values of copic markers.

I take it back! I think some of us will make it.

Designers are always talking about failing early and often.

Looks like we'll get to fail the human experiment early (probably not often, though… one of two ain't bad).

"Mom…" one of her sons asks,

"Why didn't you say beetle?"

One morning (before coffee) the boys' mom smacks her knee against an open cupboard door.

"Damnit!" she yells.

They keep the boxes shut for days, replying only "beetle!" to any friend stranger who asks. Eventually, a teacher calls the boys parents from school. Not because they are misbehaving, but simply to ask what is in the box. "We don't know" the parent say.

Two brothers play a game: each goes into the other's room alone and selects any item to put into a box. The box is kept shut, and when asked what is in the box, they are allowed only to say, "beetle!"

I bought a watercolor paint set today and did a quick sketch outside. It’s pretty bad, but Id like to share it with you anyway!

design: mix your colors once
art: mix your colors as you go

@somnius I've been exploring migrating our custom CSS to a theme, so that others can opt-out and use one of the default themes if they want to.

If I manage the theme, do you have the time to add it to the instance?

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